Kenya charity organizations

Kenyan authorities are upholding an indigenization concept that with few exceptions Kenya charity organizations should not employ foreigners when there are natives who can do the job.

Kenya charity organizations are growing in numbers with an estimated 240,000 workers. They fill up very sensitive gaps in the East African nation. The NGOs run schools and clinics as well.

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Kenyan authority insists that these positions be given to capable and qualified Kenyans. Another point of criticism was the wide margin between the income of natives and expatriates who work for these organizations.

The Kenyan board in charge of NGOs carried out a research to discover that expatriate workers at some Kenya charity organisations earn 4 times the salary of Kenyan natives who work there as well.

The foreign workers who have same qualifications with the locals have exceptional incentives for the job. They are given huge allowances, security, accommodation, a car and medical insurance. Whereas their Kenyan counterparts have none of these benefits.

Justifying the higher pay of foreign workers, an international NGO claimed they deserved it because they work from home. It is speculated that the ultimatum by the authorities will not fare well with the charity workers.

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The Kenyan authorities before now have not interfered or played much supervisory roles for the NGOs. Now, they have come all out to tackle the incessant exploitation complaints from local workers.

After the research, Kenya’s NGO Board accused some Kenya Charity organizations of disregarding the law by employing expatriates without proper work permits.

The board has now stamped that Kenya charity organisations who go against the ultimatum will face the law. As the board anticipate several criticisms that will rise up against the new rule, they maintain that the rule is to ensure fairness and protection of the Kenyan people.