Kenya Honors Salah Farah Who Lost His Life Protecting Christians From Al-shabab

Towards the end of 2015, Salah Farah defended Christians who were murder targets with his life. He was one of the Muslim commuters who prevented a repeat of an earlier terrorist attack on Christians. They were heading to Mandera when the commuters were ambushed.

Salah Farah was a Muslim teacher, the deputy headmaster at Mandera County Primary School and a student at Maasai Mara University, Kenya. With other Muslims, they defied Al-shabab. The almost failed Al-Shabaab bus attack took the lives of 2 Christians, injured 3 and eventually left Farah with a stray bullets in his arm and hip. Salah was taken to Mandera hospital and later transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. After 3 successful weeks in the hospital, the 40-year-old suddenly had complications, bled severely and finally died while at surgery on 17th January, 2016.

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In his state of the union address in parliament, President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded the Muslim Hero with  the country’s top honours. He was honored with the Order Of The Grand Warrior “for his act of courage.” This prestigious title is conferred on people who have rendered outstanding services to the nation.

“I posthumously award Salah Farah Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya, Muslim killed shielding Christians.” -President Uhuru

Salah Farah, indeed deserves the respect for not compromising the national vision of religious unity and harmony in Kenya. Report says that the Muslim commuters were all supportive of the move to protect the Christians. The women offered their scarves to the Christian women in their midst to pass off as co-Muslims. On the militants’ order to demarcate themselves by religion, they refused and insisted that they all be set free or be killed together as well.

The incessant Al-Shabab attack erupted ever since the Kenyan force started supporting Somalia in the fight against terrorism. The Mandera attack that claimed the life of the exemplary Muslim was only one of out their many attacks.

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One other significant loss of these attacks on Kenya (aside from the loss of their military talents) is that the north-east region is fast losing teachers too. In a previous 2014 bus attack, about 20 teachers who were returning from their Christmas holidays were killed. This has become a source of scare for other Christian teachers who work in the area.

In gratitude for the presidential recognition, Salah Farah’s brother, Rasheed said he was happy that Salah and his family has not been forgotten. He also confirmed the expressed concern of the President over the surviving members of Salah Farah. He said:

“The President himself called us Thursday at noon. He asked about Salah’s five children and told me ‘Usijali (don’t worry) we shall take care of them’. He also spoke to his wife and other family members.”