Kenya Rejects Coca-Cola Advert Over Obscenity

Kenya’s Film Classification Board (KFCB) has rejected and banned the airing of a worldwide Coca-Cola commercial over scenes they consider immoral and obscene. The Coca-Cola advert which portrayed a kissing scene by 2 teenagers was done in line with Coca-Cola’s “taste the feeling” campaign.

It would be recalled that the East African country was not so enthusiastic about the launching of the American entertainment provider, Netflix in Africa. The KFCB considered the global provider a threat to African moral values. Subsequently the South African authorities joined the bandwagon and demanded a thorough censorship of their content.

All these say something about the danger of casually displaying obscenities in the media. Just like the Kenyan authorities asserted, media persons in Africa seem to be less concerned if the consumers of their art are children. Given the time we are in, children all around the world grow so fast. And we can trace that to the contents of the media that they are exposed to.

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Coca-Cola Advert

For a Coca-Cola advert to have contained two teens making out in a library says a lot. First, is the depreciating moral values in the society. Secondly, it is a sales tool. These days  you can count how many media products are void of sex and violence. The former seems to be hawked directly or indirectly in the “jet-age” lifestyle.

As Africans, this is cause for worry. Whoever said civilization also included embracing profanities? Or being nonchalant about the moral welfare of the group who will be the leaders of tomorrow?

According to BBC, “the head of the film board Ezekiel Mutua said Coca-Cola has agreed to release a new version of the commercial without the scene on Wednesday night.” Kenya’s stance on this Coca-Cola advert episode is one that other African nations should consider as well.

The Kenyan film censorship board, KFCB, has lately spared no media product that threatens morality. A while ago, they rejected and banned a same-sex music video. The US film The Wolf of Wall Street faced the same fate because of its “extreme scenes of nudity, sex, debauchery, hedonism and cursing”.

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