Kenya Seizes NGO Trucks Which Supply Food To Al-Shabab

Three weeks ago, Al-shabab attacked a Kenyan military base in Somalia where they killed an unspecified number of  Kenyan soldiers. Kenya seems to be stepping up its security as reports reaching us is that  three World Food Programme (WFP) trucks destined for Dolo were seized in Manera county, near the Somali border for allegedly being suppliers of food to Islamic millitants, Al-Shabab.

An alleged meeting at Bulla Hawa resulted in Somali authorities agreeing to the militants being fed by The United Nations World Food Programme. The Mandera county commissioner, Fredrick Shisia said;

“We have stopped transiting of WFP consignment because of allegations that there was a meeting between the community and [the] Somalia government to the effect that Al-Shabaab be allowed to pick [up] food and other logistical arrangements undeterred,” He told the Daily Nation

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Shisia who condemned the feeding of the militants whom they have been fighting said the trucks will be under police custody until The WFP can declare their stance in the situation.

“We will need to get an explanation from the WFP as to who are to be beneficiaries of the food programme before we allow it to get into Somalia,” Shisia said.

Explaining that he had no other motive beside denying the enemies (Al-shabab) humanitarian assistance, he explained that a truck carrying an SUV was not blocked. “We allowed the truck to proceed as this was not food, what we are doing is to deny our enemy benefit from the humanitarian assistance,” Shisia said.

The World Food Program is yet to respond to the allegations.