Kenyan Police Foils Anthrax Attack Plot By ISIS Linked Group

The Kenyan national police says they have countered an attempted anthrax attack by an ISIS linked group. Anthrax is a dangerous disease that attacks both people and animals. The police says the foiled Kenyan anthrax attack would have been “large-scale.”

Kenyan authorities have arrested a couple and a woman in line with the plot. They have also promised a reward for information on 2 other wanted men. The authorities are still with-holding the name of the group but says they are wide spread across the nation; stretching into neighboring countries like Somalia, Libya and Syria.

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In the course of investigation, the Kenyan police issued a statement that accused a medical intern identified as Mohammed Abdi Ali, of master-minding the plot. The statement says that the medical intern working at Wote Hospital, was leading a terrorist network. Mohammed was immediately arrested on April 29 as the anthrax attack was foiled. He is also linked to the Westgate Mall attack which killed about 67 people.

Kenyan Anthrax Attack

Mohammed’s wife, Ms. Nuseiba Mohammed Haji, who was trying to escape was apprehended by the authorities in Uganda. She is a student at the Kampala International University. Ms. Fatuma Mohammed Hanshi, her accomplice was also arrested.

The 2 other wanted accomplices have been identified as Mr. Ahmed Hish and Mr. Farah Dagane. Both men are also medical interns at Kitale. The police has pledged a reward Sh2 million ($19, 867) for anyone with useful information on their whereabouts.

Mr. Joseph Boinett, Kenya’s Inspector General Of Police, said:

“The suspects were planning a large scale attack akin to that of Westgate Mall with the intention of killing innocent Kenyans. His network also included medical experts with whom they planned to unleash a biological attack in Kenya using anthrax.”

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Police report also says that the group behind the recent Kenyan anthrax attack, has been in “active radicalization and recruitment” of University students into terrorism. Mr. Boinett also said that;

“The same network has been facilitating Kenyan youth to secretly leave the country to join terror groups in Libya and Syria”

The foiled Kenyan anthrax attack is indeed something to be commended. It has saved Kenya and Africa as a whole from a nast predicament. The idea was to use anthrax as a biological weapon to inflict diseases on people and animals in Kenya and beyond.