Kenyan Girls With These 5 Names Are in All Probability Going To Trap You With A Baby

Some Kenyan girls hold on tightly to men they simply do not belong to. Women who are quite aware they are incompatible and have major differences with their partners yet they stick around. They hope on commitment with a man whose emotions are not in terms with theirs. In a long run when commitment seems never-coming, the ill things which are uppermost in their minds or their frantic desire to latch on to a man who is wealthy and or popular, make them desperate because they know the man might never commit to them ordinarily.

This desperation can lead to them doing deceitful or dishonest things, such as lying about birth control or sabotaging condoms, in order to trick a man into an unplanned pregnancy. And we know how easy baby-making is especially when couples in relationships seem not ready. Even though society thinks it’s a joke that a father doesn’t have any say over whether or not he is going to become a father but in all truth, this is the worst kind of reality many men find themselves in.

No man wants or appreciates that situation. In fact, life is unfair on men in this situation because he can’t make the same choice as the women, but that’s the risk they take. Ultimately he has no choice regarding the pregnancy than either to walk or stay. No man would love to have his baby grow up without a father while on the other hand forced fatherhood isn’t funny on men.

Well, you can prevent this to a reasonable extent not just through medical precautions, but also through the names of Kenyan girls you go after.  It might sound not open to sense or controversial but darling just as science has proven that certain names indicate higher chances of infidelity, there are also names that indicate that a woman is more likely than not to trap you with a pregnancy.

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Some men disclosed that women with “pregnancy trap names” know vividly when a man has no condom and yet they will part their legs. They know when they proceed to ejaculate in them and still will decide to have him in. Even after the act, they still won’t use the morning after pills to avoid any form of contraception.

Then few months later such woman will inform the man that he has a child when there was no prior discussion about children with the man. Even though making love is a  two-way street, and as such both parties are liable to remind the other of the risks involved in having unprotected sex, the ladies are supposed to insist more on protected sex as they are the ones bearing all the risk involved in unwanted pregnancy.

Based on what some men (more than 15) that were scrutinized said, the names of girls below are more likely than not to attempt to trap you with a pregnancy. (To be fair and as respect to the ladies with these names who might be innocent I’d like to clearly state that this is absolutely no ironclad rule, please take no offence if your name falls victim)

Kenyan Girls With These 5 Names Are in All Probability Going To Trap You With A Baby

1. Adhiambo

According to the men that were asked, an Adhiambo will with mind wide open allow you to know in a funny remark that she will trick you into pregnancy if you are adamant or senseless enough not to zip up. So don’t act surprised when she strikes because in actuality you can’t justify not paying attention to the signals you were given. However, before you start avoiding all the Adhiambos, note that girls with this name only do this to men they have been in a long-term relationship with.

2. Fatuma

Just maybe Coastal Kenyan girls are the type to keep or nothing for you. Or maybe they only desire marriage. Don’t get me wrong because several men questioned have had a horrible experience with a Fatuma. One said they have a child together and she has refused to co-parent instead insisting on marriage or nothing.

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3.  Caro

This name appeared to be annoying to almost all the men we examined. According to them, Kenyan girls with this name do nothing other than planning at the starting point how to try to trap you.

4. Wambui (Foi/ Kui)

Wambui is another name that many men hold little respect for. Kenyan girls called by this name are simply the type to hold you down with a baby in order to cause you tie the knot with her.

5. Natasha

Maybe not just Natasha, but any of the Kenyan girls bearing exceedingly “current” name is very likely to give you anguish. These are the type that chorus the “Independent woman” hymn but turn around to trap the first man they see with a nice car. Because of their desire to latch on a man’s riches, they start from the get-go plot on how to hold him down with pregnancy. Natashas are said to be the most severe ones!

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