Swaggerlicious! Kenyan Grannies Who Are Giving Models A Run For Their Money

I don’t know what you believe when you hear “30 is the new 20” and “50 is the new 30”. But I consider this picture a near instance of both phrases. Africans especially the elderly generation are prototypes of a staunch conservative people. Once the grey hairs begin to show, naturally the society takes you up on a pedestal. Their words are often referred to as the voice of reason and wisdom. ‘Grannies’ are loved, very well respected and automatically listened to in Africa.

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Nevertheless, the present day elderly generation have quite a number of them who are kicking buts, doing things we would rather consider “out of their league”. Today we have over 70-year-old grannies who are ICT friendly and not scared of gadgets. Despite the naturally expected tendency to have weakened joints and bones, they shelve all excuses and go for their walks, aerobics; some still jog (at their own pace though).

Today we came across the “swaggerlicious” pictures of retired top Kenyan figures – women of reputation who took some time out to cheer themselves up; away from boisterous life dramas. Let’s meet the Kenyan grannies who are giving models a run for their money:

1. Mrs. S Were

Former Economist And Personal Advisor To The President  (1972-1992)


2. Ms. M Adhiambo

Former Minister of Trade & Industry (1972-1980)

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3. Mrs. Kamau Njugana

Former Central Bank of Kenya Governor (1980-1985)


Evidently these unprecedented granny-photo shoots is revealing a paradigm shift in the typical African society we were used to. With pictures like this I believe the ultimate message is to learn to relax, unwind and be happy. Everybody seems to be stressing out, chasing the big bucks, fame and all what not. It might not be an extravagant photo shoot like these outlandish grannies, but there is always something that calms your nerves and gives you a deserving disconnect from the noise and hassles of life.

Image Source: African Digital Art