Kenyan Muslim Loses Life After Saving Christians In Al-Shabaab Bus Attack

Late last year the world applauded the courageous Muslim commuters in Kenya who defied Al-shabaab terrorists and defended Christians on their way to Mandera – Salah Farah was one of them. He was a Muslim teacher, the deputy headmaster at Mandera County Primary School and a student at Maasai Mara University, Kenya.

On the day of the incident, Farah, a father of five and the sole bread winner, was on his way to Mandera. Himself, alongside other Muslims, knowing full well that the lives of Christians in their midst were in grave danger, took responsibility and protected the Christians. They literally offered to die with Christians whom the Muslim faith describe as “infidels”.

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The almost failed Al-Shabaab bus attack took the lives of 2 Christians, injured 3 and eventually left Farah with a stray bullet in his arm. He was taken to Mandera hospital and later transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. After 3 successful weeks in the hospital the 40 year old suddenly had complications, bled severely and finally died while at surgery on Sunday.

In a statement from Cleopa Mailu,

“The hospital did its best but unfortunately the brave soul succumbed to complications from the injuries on Sunday night. We share our sorrows, and pray for the strength to the family so as they can bear with loss.”

Rashid, Salah’s brother in an interview with The Star, says he hopes his brother’s death would bring religious harmony. If it helps at all. Kenyan authorities have announced that 8 million shillings will be awarded to anyone with viable information on the 4 suspected terrorists involved in the Mandera ambush case.

This is one of those moments that we just wish for a happy ending. He could have freely walked away from the scene or turned a blind eye but he didn’t, instead with his life, he defended many other lives “which he didn’t have to”. We wish he made it but one thing is for sure Salah Farah is a HERO, even in death, he still is. May his soul rest in peace.

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