Kenyan Quack Doctor Arrested After Carrying Out 8 Successful Surgeries

With no professional education and medical license, Kenyan fake doctor Ronald Melly was arrested after he had already carried out about 8 surgeries successfully.

Imagine believing for a while that you owe your life to an amazing doctor who performed a life saving surgery on you. All of a sudden it turns out he was fake; he never attended any medical institution; no training and no certification to work as a doctor.

Ronald Melly is from Nandi County. It is still under investigation how he was officially posted to Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

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Authorities say that his accomplices in forging a license will be brought to book.

Josephat Tarbei said:

“When the county government and the county Public Service Board finish vetting all the medical staff, the top county officials who are implicated in the hiring and posting of the fake doctor will be forced to resign since the quack messed up with patients’ lives.”

The supposed unqualified doctor had to be rated high to the point that he was transferred to head Meteitei Sub-County Hospital.

The County’s Health Ministry Officials are deliberating on his case.

Meanwhile a brief history of the fake medic says he stopped his education at the secondary level, where he made an average Grade C.

His parents are shocked as everyone else over the news. To the best of their knowledge, Ronald relocated from the village to the city to get a job. Little did they know that he was working as a medical doctor, charging up to KSH 25,000 for surgeries.

Report says that out of his surgery cases, only one death has been recorded. The woman had complications while delivering her baby. But the baby was saved. The report claims that the death of the woman had nothing to do with the administered procedures but the high state of her complications.

From June to July, Ronald attended to 9 patients; one of whom is now dead.

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Ronald Melly’s case of forging a fake license to work in the medical field is the height of criminality. Yet the deliberation of the Health Ministry is going in 2 surprising directions.

Punishing the criminality? Or developing this raw but unschooled talent? Perhaps the two options will follow concurrently.

The latter would not have logically come into the picture; but it appears the young man is a natural in the job of saving lives.

Saving human lives is a delicate profession. Bearing that in mind, we would like to know your thoughts. What do you think should be done to fake doctor Ronald Melly?