One Of Kenya’s Famous Lions, Mohawk Shot Dead For Posing A Threat

One of Kenya’s famous lions, Mohawk was shot dead yesterday by wildlife rangers. The reason being due to the unavailability of tranquilizers.

The lion had escaped from the park to Isinya town where the lion was being attacked by humans who threw rocks at him and took pictures. The first animal management team which arrived had only rifles but no tranquilizers. A second team which said tranquilizers in its possession was on the way. However, the lion became a threat to human life having attacked one of the men who threw rocks at him. The management team had no option but to shoot the lion down before it could attack more humans.

“When it injured that person, it became imminent to us that it could lead to a worse situation and it had to be brought down,” said Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Gathitu.

Mohawk, named for the thick mass of hair rising from his head was one of Kenya’s popular lions, he was also featured in a local newspapers travel article last year.

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Mohawk’s escape makes it the third time in two months that a lion has escaped from the Nairobi National park in Kenya.

In a country where wildlife tourism contributes to its economy, the escape of lions from its national park poses a harm not just to the civilians who find themselves in the vicinity of the lion but also to the animals.

Ali Kaka a wildlife conservationist has urged Kenyans and anyone who comes in contact with a lion to do the following;

  • Do not confront the animal
  • Do not make noise
  • Do not throw anything at the animal
  • Do not run
  • Do not panic as the animal may sense this and react

The Kenya Wildlife Service assured Kenyans on Twitter that, “we remain true and committed to serving and protecting our wildlife resources,

“Our number one focus has and will always be conserving our wildlife for Kenyans and the world as a whole.”

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