Kenya’s Supposed ‘Sex Party’ Project X Cancelled

Kenya seems to be fighting battle after battle on morality grounds. In its most recent battle, a suspected sex party which had been scheduled to hold in an upmarket suburb of Nairobi on Saturday, has been cancelled following pressure from the authorities. The name of the party was “Project X”, ripped from a 2012 Hollywood film that depicted a group of teenagers organizing a party which gets out of control.

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In a statement which the still unknown organizers addressed to their loyal party rockers, the party was declared cancelled due to a “command from the lawful order”. This is a sample of a report regarding the statement;

What was meant to be a party of a lifetime has been cancelled after threats to storm it by idle Police officers, who instead of chasing terrorists and criminals are busy interfering with lives of peace-loving Kenyans.

“The same over-bearing police officers are also infringing on the rights of Kenyans, and freedoms of association by mounting Alcoblow roadblocks, meant purely to extort and not mitigate accidents caused by drunk-driving. They are the same policemen who arrest and confiscate devices used by bloggers.

“The Project-X concept’s brilliant execution strategy and impeccable photography may have also irritated the mediocre marketers working in so-called top advertising agencies, who would take a lifetime to develop such a flawless marketing concept. It’s success would have exposed incompetence of the shameless self-promoters, purporting to work in media and marketing, who develop some of the most mediocre adverts like the current campaign of UNAITAS.”

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The statement goes on in that manner for quite a while, probably also showing the anger of many Kenyan youths, who took to twitter to express their views.

Obviously some people believe that the command to cancel the party was a bit overkill, but Kenya’s film board insists that an international pornography ring was behind the organisation of the party. The party had actually attracted the massive attention after one of it’s posters touted the line “no one goes back home a virgin”. Film board head Ezekiel Mutua claims the party was organized so the people could make pornographic films. The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) which celebrated the cancellation also said there had been a rise of young people being blackmailed after being filmed having sex.


While the police continue to investigate whether the organizers broke the law and seek them out, more conversation on the issue is expected. Already, opinions are divided as older Kenyans insist that the younger generation must be helped from themselves and the younger generation as can be seen from the above tweets, insist that the authorities are focusing on the wrong issues.

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