Did Kerri Green Retire From Acting, What Is She Up To Now and Who Is Her Husband?

Kerri Green is an American actress and producer most famous for appearing in blockbuster films such as Summer Rental (1985), and Lucas (1986) and also directing the critically acclaimed film Bellyfruit (1999). She played the role of Michelle in Law and Order; Special Victims Unit.

Kerri took to acting in her teen years and accrued over fifteen acting credits, as well as two award nominations before going on an indefinite hiatus. Having been among the popular teen stars of the ’80s, it’s no doubt that Kerri’s amazing talent is being missed to a great length in the film industry.

Kerri Green Quickly Gained Prominence With Her First Two Roles

Unlike many actors, Green’s career never had that proverbial switch from school to work. She’s been pretty active on-screen from her teens and is best known for roles in a thread of teen flicks during the ‘80s. Having developed an ardor for acting in her formative years, the actress began attending movie auditions when she was seventeen and eventually landed a role in the hit movie, The Goonies after impressing Hollywood film producer, Steven Spielberg with her performance at the auditions.

Interestingly, Kerri had her big break with her first professional acting appearance in the year 1985 when she scored the role of Andrea “Andy” Carmichael in The Goonies. In the adventure comedy film, Andrea “Andy” Carmichael was a cheerleader turned adventurer. Kerri shared the screen with other Hollywood prodigies like Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman in the cult movie that garnered $124 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $19 million. More so, The Goonies was ranked among the top 10 films of the year 1985.

Kerri Green
Kerri Green (far left), on the set of The Goonies

Kerri Green, soon after, followed up her performance in The Goonies with another terrific display in Summer Rental the same year. In the comedy film which was also commercially successful, she starred as the daughter of John Candy; a stressed-out air traffic controller. At this point, Green has garnered immense popularity in the film industry despite having only two film credits to her name at the time and was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress – Motion Picture for her role in Summer Rental. 

She then recorded another career success in 1986 when she was cast in Lucas. Kerri Green starred as Maggie, a character who found herself at the center of a love triangle between Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen in the romantic comedy-drama film that was critically acclaimed and also recorded moderate box office success. Having executed her role of Maggie with precision, Kerri was nominated for another Young Artist Award. Also, in the 1980s, she starred as Robin Kitteredge in the movie, Three for the Road and equally appeared in one episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and ABC Afterschool Special.

She Had a Career Decline In The 2000s

Later in the early 1990s, Green appeared as Karren Severance in an episode—Triangle—of the TV series, In the Heat of the Night. She also scored a role in the independent film, Blue Flame, as well as the TV film, Tainted Blood. She further featured as Stacey in two episodes of the TV situation comedy, Mad About You and also had two TV roles in 1994, appearing as Kelly in Café Americain and Sara in Murder, She Wrote.

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Shortly after that, Kerri Green withdrew from acting for a while to study a course in art at Vassar College. Although there are no details chronicling her reasons for the move or her time there, we know she was later roommates with Adam, Marisa Tomei’s brother, as well as Ken Levine, BioShock developer. She, afterwards, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the university. Following her graduation, Kerri Green returned to action on the small screen and portrayed Lynn Parker in one episode of ER.

After her role of Michelle in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the talented actress had a decline in her acting career and was unable to secure a role for several years. Coming back to the silver screen in 2012, she played Beth Wilkensen in Complacent and has subsequently become inactive in the acting scene. Due to her prolonged inactivity, it is safe to assume that Kerri Green has retired from acting.

The Actress Is Now Invested In Family Life and Movie Production

Kerri Green’s fans whom she gathered in her heydays are curious to know what she has been doing since her retirement. Well, the actress reportedly got married soon after her graduation from the university and then focused more on her married life which affected her career at the time.

Kerri Green
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She additionally ventured into film directing and production after co-founding a film production company called Independent Women Artists alongside fellow actress, Bonnie Dickenson with whom she co-wrote and directed the film, Bellyfruit (1999); an adaptation of a play about teen pregnancy. More so, she is said to have been working behind the scene in the film industry since her disappearance from the acting scene, serving as a scriptwriter and director of a number of acting projects which are yet to be disclosed by the Lucas star.

Throughout her acting career that spanned close to three decades, Kerri Green appeared in over fifteen films and TV series and according to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth stands at $2 million. Although she works as a scriptwriter and film director, much of her wealth has come from her acting career, with her role in the widely-watched film, The Goonies earning her a cut of the whopping $124 million the movie accrued.

Green And Her Mystery Family Resides In Los Angeles 

Kerri Green is married with two children. Though the identity of her husband has never been unveiled to the public, it is known that they married in the 90s.

Having been inactive on social media platforms, there has been little to no information available with regards to her family life. The family resides in Los Angeles, California.

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