Important Things To Know About Kethi Kilonzo

Kethi Kilonzo was born in 1977. She is a youthful lawyer and lecturer based in Nairobi. Kethi is the daughter of the late Mutula Kilonzo who until his death was the senator for Makueni County in Kenya. Kethi was not known by many until 2013 when she represented the African Center for Open Governance (AFRICOG) in the election petitions against President Uhuru Kenyatta after he was declared the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya in the elections of 4th March 2013.

AFRICOG had filed the petition alongside the main opposition party, the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) which was led by Raila Odinga. Even though they lost the petition, Kethi gained a reputation as one of the most eloquent and bright lady lawyers who have a good understanding of the law.

Kethi Kilonzo Education and Career

Kethi Kilonzo graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2000. Just like her father, Kethi had a passion for law. She enrolled in Nairobi University for a degree in Law, graduating in 2001. Since after her graduation, she has been in the foreground in championing for human rights. Most of the cases she has represented touched on issues relating to the society.

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Lesser Known Facts About Kehti Kilonzo

1. Kehti Kilonzo represented retired president Moi in various cases. Her father, Mutula Kilonzo, was a personal attorney for the retired president for a very long time. Kethi’s case is typically a like father-like daughter case. She also got a chance to do what her father did. One of the cases that she represented Moi was the one between the former president and Mak’Onyango, a former member of parliament. The petitioner had presented a case in court claiming that he had been unlawfully detained after the attempted coup of 1982.

2. Kethi filed a case against the state for failing to take action on the security personnel who committed various offences in Mount Elgon.

She has always desired the best for the society. She doesn’t turn a blind eye on any acts that tend to negatively affect the society. Kethi brought to book the security personnel who committed heinous acts at Mount Elgon between 2006 and 2008.

3. She was one of the lawyers in the case between KANU and NARC

The case between Kenya African National Union (KANU) and National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) concerned the ownership of the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC). Through Kethi’s support, the case was brought to an amicable end.

4. Kethi Kilonzo is also an accountant

Most individuals know Kethi as a lawyer. But apart from that, Kethi also studied accounting. She emerged the top student in the audit exams that were conducted by ACA (Association of Certified Accountants).

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5. Kethi is a member of Certified Chartered Accountants (UK) and the Kenyan branch of the chartered institute of arbitrators.

As an accomplished accountant, Kethi is a member of various accounting organizations both locally and internationally. It is through her membership in such institutions that she has managed to uphold her status as a competent service provider who aspires to offer the best to all.

6. She is a partner at a law firm that was started by her father.

Together with her brother, kethi Kilonzo is a partner at a law firm which was founded by her father. They took over the management of the firm after her father’s resignation when he was appointed a cabinet minister.

7. She was barred from becoming the first woman senator

Kethi was nominated as the flag bearer of Wiper Party for the senatorial by-elections that were held in Makueni after the death of her father. However, the nomination certificate was later confiscated on claims that she was not a registered voter. Wiper Party has strong support in Makueni and it was evident that Kethi would have been elected the senator. Kethi currently faces charges against election offences. She is being accused of obtaining voter registration in undesirable ways.

Kethi Kilonzo Married, Husband, Kids

Kethi represents the independent ladies who can fend for their families single-handedly. Though not married, she is proud of her son – Mumo Kilonzo. She has beaten all odds to emerge a successful lady.

Social life

In an interview in a local Television, Kethi reveals that she did not have a boyfriend in high school. She claims that none fitted her because the boys spoke poor English. On the other hand, Kethi loves dancing during her free time. She is enthusiastic and has a passion for learning.


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