Pursuits That Keep Kevin Costner Busy Outside The Movies and What To Know About His Marriages

Kevin Costner is an American actor, director, and singer famous for his artistry in portraying rugged characters with complicated psychological profiles and emotions. His career as an actor is his first claim to fame, although he is also a man whose hands are filled with many more engagements.

His personal life has also attracted attention almost in a similar fashion as his career, being often regarded as a ladies’ man. He has been in many relationships in the past, although he only got married twice and is blessed with 7 kids.

Music Is His Other Major Passion In The Arts

Acting is what Costner is better known for, but more than that, he is also a singer who was the frontman for the band, Kevin Costner & Modern West which he also formed. With the country music band, Kevin released 4 studio albums, Untold Truths (2008), Turn It On (2010), and From Where I Stand (2011). The band has also released a number of singles including their most recent work; “Love Shine” in 2017.

He has recorded some achievements in his musical career, having sold a good number of copies of their album, and have had some successful shows. In 2009, he was said to have auctioned his two guitars for $10,000 each.

Costner Has Put His Money In Different Businesses

Apart from the arts, Kevin Costner has also poured himself into various business engagements. He has a company (Ocean Therapy Solutions- OTS) that produced oil separation machines. The actor bought the company in 1995 from the US government at US$24 million. He is involved in running it together with his brother who is a scientist.

In addition to that, he started Tatanka: The Story of the Bison in 2004. It is an attraction that was started on U.S. Routh 85, one mile south of Deadwood, South Dakota. The idea behind this is to help people learn and appreciate American history.

He used to be the owner of The Midnight Star which he started in 2002. He ran the multimillion-dollar business for a long time, although there was a time he had some legal challenges when he fired Francis and Carla Caneva who were the managers of the casino in July 2004. He was initially made to buy them out as business partners by paying a percentage of $6.1 million. However, it was later reduced on appeal after the value of the business was put at $3.1 million.

Since 2017, the Casino has been closed down until 2020 when it was announced that it was set to reopen, but it was now belonging to new owners.

His Various Engagements Have Given Him A $250 Net Worth

As of 2019, sources put Kevin Costner’s net worth at $250 million. His move to produce and direct films was a game-changer for the actor.

Needless to say, it is his acting career that has been his major source of fortune, but he has also been making money from his other endeavours including his music, even though that has not been very much on the high side.

The actor has smiled even more to the bank thanks to his involvement in businesses has also added to his fortune.

Kevin Costner Has Been Married Twice

He married Christine Baumgartner in 2004

Kevin Ccostner
Kevin Costner, his wife Christine Baumgartner, and their three children

Kevin Costner’s marriage that many people now know is to the German-American model and handbag designer, Christine Baumgartner whom he tied the knot with, in 2004.

The two first met sometime in 2000 and began a romantic relationship that eventually led to marriage on September 25, 2004. Before they walked down the aisle, their relationship came to an end briefly because Kevin who had already had children previously did not want to have any more kids, while Christine wanted kids of her own.

She ended the relationship for a brief period of time, telling him she was willing to wait for him, even though that wasn’t going to be for a long time until he was back to his senses. He got back to his senses and the rest seems to be a forever-after story.

The two have now spent more than 2 decades together, with more than 15 years as man and wife. The actor revealed that the secret to their successful relationship and marriage has been the willingness to say sorry.

Cindy Silva was his first wife

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva (Image Source)

While he was the first and only man to be married to Baumgartner, she isn’t his first. He has once had a relationship with a woman known as Cindy Silva. They started dating since they were still students at the California State University Fullerton.

When she first agreed to go out with him to see Funny Girl, he was so proud that she agreed to go out with him so much that he stopped by his house to introduce her to his parents. Two years after they started dating, 22-year-old Kevin and his lover got married while they were still students in a very intimate event in 1975.

Although their family was growing steadily with kids between them, Costner’s acting career was also on a fast rise. As a result of his busy schedule and pressure from work, his marriage took the ultimate hit and in 1994, it collapsed in divorce after 16 years of being together. However, they still maintained a close relationship while co-parenting their children.

The Actor Has 7 Kids And Is Involved In All Their Lives

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner, wife and daughters (Image Source)

Costner has appeared in some very big movies in the past, but what is even bigger than that for him, is his family and kids, most especially. In total, he has been blessed with 7 kids.

From his union with Cindy Silva the actor had three children: Anne Clayton who was born on April 15, 1984; Lily McCall- born on August 4, 1986; and Joseph Tedrick who was born on January 31, 1988. While Annie is a film producer behind works like Postman (1997) and The Baby-Sitters Club (1995), Lily Costner decided to also be an actress like her father and has made appearances in films including Black or White (2014) and The Baby-Sitters Club. Joseph is also an actor, producer, and engineer.

After the end of the marriage, Kevin Costner dated Bridget Rooney with whom he had a son, Liam Timothy Costner (b. November 15, 1996). The relationship between Costner and Liam was very rocky at the earliest stages because he did not believe that the kid was his. He only came around to agree after Bridget got him to take a paternity test. For now, Liam’s career path is not public knowledge.

Costner’s second marriage has been blessed with three kids – sons; Cayden Wyatt (b. May 6, 2007), Hayes Logan (b. February 12, 2009), and a daughter, Grace Avery (b. June 2, 2010).


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