Who Are Kevin O’Leary, The Shark Tank Investor’s Family? His Wife and Kids

There are a number of people who have found their footings in society and have successfully given back through their works at different levels. Canadian businessman, Kevin O’Leary found fame through his efforts as a businessman, TV personality, and author.

He is as well known for being an investor and one of the co-founders of O’Leary Funds, SoftKey – a software company; as well as appearing on reality shows which include: Dragon’s Den and Redemption Inc. One of his most popular appearances on TV is Shark Tank, amid others.

Kevin O’Leary – Biography

On July 9, 1954, Kevin O’Leary was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is of Irish-Canadian descent. His growing up was more of an adventurous one with him having to spend part of his life in Cambodia, Tunisia and even Cyprus. This was due to the nature of job his stepfather had – he was an economist who worked with the United Nations.

Kevin O’Leary had his education at the St. George’s High School and later proceeded to the Stanstead College. Interestingly, he was fascinated with education and explored many options. As a result, Kevin O’ Leary went to the University of Waterloo, Ivy Business School and later the University of Western Ontario where he obtained an MBA (1980).


Kevin O’ Leary started his career as an intern at Nabisco, a company he owes most of his learnings too. Later in his career at the company, he was elevated to the position of an assistant brand manager for the cat-food brand.

Subsequently, Kevin O’Leary obtained a job as a TV producer. Also, he followed the footsteps of his business-minded mother and started a company called SoftKey which was aimed at software production. The company soon grew as time progressed and Kevin even bought a couple of the companies of his competitors.

O’Leary became part of other deals which included being an investor at the StorageNow Holdings, O’Leary Funds (2008), a venture capitalist on Dragon’s Den (TV show (2006), a judge at the Shark Tank (2009), and part of Project Earth on Discovery Channel. Kevin O’Leary has also written several books. Among them is Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money, and Life (2011).

Kevin O’Leary is obviously a man who does not like the comfort zone but is always ready to try other things. One among the many things includes his venturing into politics where he aspired for the post of the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party in 2017.

What is Shark Tank Investment?

The Shark Tank investment is a several award-winning reality TV series which is centers on business and investment. The show consists of judges who decide to either invest in a business presented by entrepreneurs or not. One of the judges is Kevin O’Leary who has so far invested in Wicked Good Cupcakes, Buggy Beds, and Groovebook, among others.

Meet Kevin O’Leary’s Family – Wife and Kids

Kevin O’leary
Kevin O’Leary and family

The O’Leary family is a well-known family in the business world for so many years. Some of the family members are his late mother Georgette Bukalam who introduced him to the world of business, his brother Shane who is also into business; as well as his wife and children.

His wife, Linda O’Leary, is popular for being the wife of a very successful businessman. She serves as the vice president (marketing) for O’Leary Fine Wines and member of the board of directors of the National Ballet of Canada. Their marriage came through in 1990 and together, they have two children.

Throughout their being together, Linda has been reported to be a very supportive wife. However in 2011, the couple split. Two years later, they decided to give their marriage another chance and have been together ever since.

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Their kids, Savannah O’Leary (daughter) and Trevor O’Leary (son) are well-groomed adults right now. Savannah was born in 1993 and is a graduate of the New York University. She is currently a producer, director, and editor. She has published works for Huffington Post among others. Trevor, on the other hand, currently does well for himself as a music producer and DJ.

Kevin O’Leary is known for his discipline in the world of business and even with his children, he is strict. He made his children fly in coach while he procured a first-class flight. Also, he taught his children how to earn money by working. To prove this, he stopped giving them money when they got through with college.


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