The Secret Of Kevin O’Leary’s Long Union With Wife Linda, His Children And The Other Members Of His Family

Kevin O’Leary might not be a name you’re familiar with unless you’re already a huge fan. He is a savvy Canadian businessman, author, and television personality more widely known with the alias “Mr. Wonderful” since the premiere run of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in 2009. O’Leary had a humble beginning, coming from a family where his dad who was addicted to alcohol worked as a salesman and his mum a small business owner. Kevin shared his childhood with one blood brother Shane O’Leary and a step-brother George Kanawaty.

Kevin O’Leary, The business mogul is married to Linda O’Leary with two grown-up children. Kevin’s shrewdness does not appear to end in the business arena, “Mr. Wonderderful” also brings his astuteness to the home front. In fact, his marriage to Linda has endured for over three decades, thanks to his savvy business mind. the duo actually saved funds meant for their wedding party simply by turning the ceremony into a pizza and beer as their friends came over to join in the celebration. When their marriage became rocky, they were able to avert a divorce and came back together. Kevin’s advice to couples is to treat marriage as a business contract. According to the businessman, having a poor romantic partner is a sure ticket to failure even in the face of a great idea, strong prospects, determination, and luck. Get to know more about the O’Leary family.

Kevin O’Leary Has Been Married To Linda O’Leary For Over Three Decades

The details of when and how they met are not readily available, but it is common knowledge that Kevin O’Leary and his Wife Linda O’Leary exchanged marriage vows on the 17th of March 1990. The couple didn’t go for any lavish wedding as they preferred to cut costs with their wedding ceremony. Though money was mapped out for the occasion, the duo decided to turn their wedding celebration into a pizza and beer party by inviting some friends over.

Consequently, the funds that Linda and Kevin had saved up for the occasion were invested in Kevin’s business, which became of tremendous help in his business ventures. This may be probably why the business tycoon often talks about the role of a spouse in the life of a successful entrepreneur. One of Linda’s social media pages revealed that she is an ‘Orillia District Collegiate & Vocational Institute’ alum. She became popular as the wife of the shrewd businessman. No doubt, she holds her own in the business world as an integral part of the O’Leary business empire. She currently lives in her Rosedale residence in Canada along with her husband.

The Couple Once Called It Quits With Their Union

Kevin O'Leary
Kevin with wife Linda

After living together as husband and wife for 11 solid years, Kevin O’Leary and Linda decided to go their separate ways and when asked about the underlying reasons for their separation, the business mogul blamed it all on his sudden television stardom. According to reports from Bustle, Kevin’s popularity on shows like Dragon Den and more importantly, ABC’s Shark Tank caused a rift between the businessman and Linda at one point.

Having stayed apart for a couple of years, the duo saw reasons to jettison their divorce proceedings and come back together. According to Kevin, they were on the verge of dividing their assets but decided to keep the family together and made a rebound. He went on to advise couples in his 2013 book Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids, and Money to treat marriage as a business contract. Kevin stated that even if you do have a great idea, strong prospects, determination, and luck if you choose a poor romantic partner, you’re bound to fail miserably. O’Leary discusses how separation and ultimate divorce can destroy the fortune of a family.

His recommendations were that couples separate for 90 days before they proceed to permanently divide their assets; this according to him provides each person a time to cool off and perhaps have a rethink. Besides, that separation period could result in the old adage that says “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” From what is obvious, this approach may have cultivated the reunion of the O’Learys. The couple has since united and kept the family together and O’Leary said he is glad they did.

More On Linda O’Leary

  • She’s An Advocate Of Ballet Dance In Canada

Linda is VP of marketing for O’Leary Fine Wines and also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Ballet of Canada. The multi-millionaires wife is passionate about ballet dance and is currently dedicating time and effort to promoting the dance form, and making it accessible to viewers and dancers of all ages. She is equally involved in bringing ballet to school programs as well as family events.

  • Social Media Presence

Apart from being the wife of one of the most popular businessmen of our time, Linda has gained more popularity on social media. The mother of two has registered her presence on several platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where she has amassed thousands of followers.

  • She Killed Two People Accidentally

Linda had a recent run-in with the authorities when on the 24th of August 2019, she was involved in a fatal boat accident on Lake Joseph in Muskoka, Ontario. The crash led to the death of Gary Poltash – a 64-year-old man from Belleair Beach, Fla., alongside Susanne Brito – a 48-year-old Uxbridge resident; her husband was also on the boat. After investigations revealed that Linda was the one steering the boat and that she was doing so under the influence of alcohol, the mother of two was charged with careless operation of a vessel.

Reports also revealed that the charge carries a maximum of 18 months imprisonment and a $1-million fine. On the 11th of October, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada succeeded in ruling out any jail time for Linda. They were still nursing their wounds from the accident when they were seen drinking with friends on Miami Beach

Are The O’Leary Children Business Inclined?

The couple’s marriage is blessed with two children, Trevor O’Leary, and Savannah O’Leary. Trevor and Savannah grew up throughout the years of Kevin O’Leary’s presence on Shark Tank. “They were toddlers when it all started and they used to come to the set. Their father thinks that it is part of who they are.

Savannah O’Leary

Kevin O'Leary
Savannah O’Leary

Savannah O’Leary has a BFA in Film Production from New York University and works as a writer, producer, director, and editor. She has works published by Dazed & Confused Magazine and The Huffington Post. Kevin’s daughter is currently the Head of Video at Purpose, where she produces and directs works for clients like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, UNICEF, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. It is interesting to note that these kids have to work hard for their money as their father doesn’t intend to just hand them his wealth.

Trevor O’Leary

Kevin O'Leary
Trevor O’Leary and his family

While we cannot lay our hands on much info on Trevor O’Leary, his LinkedIn profile revealed that he is a student of McGill University in Canada where he is studying for a degree in Electrical Engineering. Trevor is credited with working on the school’s design team alongside fellow top undergrads, building electric cars, including Formula 1 race cars. Kevin’s son is also known for his DJ and music, working on genres like electro, dirty dutch, and bounce.

Kevin O’Leary Cut Off His Children’s Financial Support Upon Their Graduation From College

Apart from being shrewd with entrepreneurs he invests in, O’Leary equally brings his astuteness to the home front, implementing them in parenting his children. According to reports from CNBC, the business mogul will have his children fly coach on trips while he flies first class which would always perplex them.

Kevin O’Leary recounted an incident that happened while the family was traveling to Geneva. His son Trevor insisted on knowing why his dad goes in a different direction on the plane and sits in a big chair in the front where they roll roast beef on a trolley in front of him, while he and his sibling are back in 69D. In his answer, O’Leary told Trevor that he doesn’t have any money.

According to what the businessman wrote in his book, Trevor is making the connection between money and personal freedom and O’Leary sees this as the greatest gift he has ever given to his children: to help them see that connection. O’Leary also said that he continually reinforces it by doing those “Mean Dad thing” like making him sit in those crappy economy seats.

The Entrepreneur also gave his children a forewarning about expecting much financially from him upon their college graduation. He said they won’t be seeing anything from him from then on. O’Leary found his justification in saying that his own mum did exactly the same thing to him. Everybody has to make it without assistance and he views it as a very important lesson.

What About the Shark Tank Investor’s Birth Family?

Kevin O’Leary and his family
Kevin O’Leary and his family

Kevin O’Leary’s family comprises his mum Georgette O’Leary (née Bukalam), stepfather George Kanawaty and his brother Shane O’Leary. We must not forget to mention the Multi-millionaire’s father Terry O’Leary who left the family when his kids were still at a tender age.

Terry O’Leary

Terry O’Leary is of Irish descent and the father of the business mogul. O’Leary’s dad worked as a salesman but had a problem with alcohol. His addiction to alcohol later led to his divorce from Kebin’s mum – Georgette – when their children were still very young.

Terry died shortly after the end of their marriage which left the raising of his children to Georgette who went into another marriage. Thus, Terry’s time with Kevin and his sibling was very short and consequently, he didn’t have much influence on them.

Georgette O’Leary (née Bukalam)

O’Leary’s mother was a small business owner and investor of Lebanese ancestry. After she divorced her husband Terry O’Leary, Georgette remarried an economist named George Kanawaty, who worked with the UN’s International Labor Organization. Due to the nature of his stepfather’s job, the family ended up becoming globetrotters, with Kevin, his brother, and the rest of the family living in countries like Cambodia, Tunisia, and Cyprus. When her ex-husband died shortly after their divorce, Georgette took up the running of their business as an executive.

As she started piloting the affairs of the business, O’Leary’s mother proved her skills as an investor by setting aside a third of her weekly paycheque which she invested in large-cap, dividend-paying stocks and interest-bearing bonds. This gave rise to high returns in her investment portfolio. Georgette didn’t let her son in on her wise investments as she kept it a top-secret.

Kevin O’Leary was only able to discover how shrewd his mother was as an investor after her demise at the execution of her will. Georgette was really close to her son because while she was alive, the wise investor gave him several investment lessons which include admonition to save one-third of his money.

She equally proved herself to be the kind of woman who has the interest of her children at heart. She came to Kevin O’Leary’s rescue one time when his major financial backer who had already committed $250,000 in development capital to his fledging company decided to back out the day before appending his signature on the documents and delivering his cheque. This development left O’Leary searching for funds to support the blossoming business.

He later leveraged the proceeds he made from the sale of his share of SET to convince his mum to lend him the sum of $10,000 in seed capital, and that was how SoftKey Software Products was established. The business became a big hit and became one of the world’s biggest software distributors by 1993.

George Kanawaty

George Kanawaty became Kevin O’Leary, stepfather, upon his marriage to Georgette. Kanawaty earned a living working with the UN’s International Labor Organization which made the family always be on the move, living in different countries and cities because of his international assignments.

From what is perceivable, George had a huge impact on the young O’Leary because his aspiration as a growing child was to follow a career path in photography, but he changed course and went for the acquisition of higher academic qualifications from the university after he was advised by George.

Today, Kevin is an alum of the University of Waterloo where he acquired an honors bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and psychology, he equally attended Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario, graduating with an MBA in entrepreneurship.

Shane O’Leary

Shane is Kevin’s only sibling with whom he shared his childhood in the Town of Mount Royal. Apart from being O’Leary’s blood brother, nothing is known about Shane.

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