Who is Kevin Owens Married to as Wife? Facts About Karina Elias

Kevin Owens is a renowned Canadian professional wrestler who is currently signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Kevin Owens. He began his career back in the year 2000 at the age, 16. Over the years, Owens has participated in several tournaments and won several titles including; ROH World Championship and ROH World Tag Team ChampionshipPro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship, International Wrestling Syndicate World Heavyweight Championship, All American Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, among others. More than his professional career, fans are keen on knowing who Kevin Owens wife is. If you’re one of those, this article contains all there is to know about her, but before we give answers to who Kevin Owens is married to, here is what we know Kevin for.

Kevin’s Background

Kevin Owens was born—Kevin Yanick Steen—in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec Canada on 7 May 1984. However, he was raised in Marieville in Quebec along with his brother Edward Lower. Growing up, Owens had a liking for wrestling and would often watch the Monday Night Raw show. At the time, he played several sports including hockey, soccer, and baseball. Although he had the propensity to excel in these sports, Owens never pursued a career in any of them. His decision to stick to wrestling was further cemented by the footage he saw of a wrestling match between Diesel and Shawn Michaels at the WrestleMania XI. Impressed at his boy’s determination, Owen’s Father got him hooked up with the wrestler, Serge Jodoin, for training. He was only fourteen at the time. 

Since he wrestled his first opponent back in May 2000, Kevin Owens has gone on to participate in and win several championships. Some of which include; International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) Heavyweight Championship, NXT Champion, Intercontinental Championship, US Championship, and several others. But the Kevin Owens you see in the ring is also a husband, and father of two. Let’s see to whom. 

Who is Kevin Owens Married to as Wife? 

As of this writing, Kevin Owens is married to Karina Elias (now Karina Steen). Karina was born in the United States on May 31, 1989. Although not much is known about her childhood, early education, siblings, parents or what they did for a living, we know she grew up in California, where she attended high school. Fresh from high school, Karina went to Moreno Valley College where she acquired an Associate Degree in Math and Science. She then moved to California Baptist University, where she majored in Biology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2013. 

Karina Elias. Kevin Owens wife
Kevin Owens, wife Karina Elias, and their two kids

Career-wise, Karina Elias worked her first job at Jason’s Deli Salad Bar between January of 2014 to March 2015. By June of 2015, she began to work as a retailer in Skechers. A job she’s held ever since. As she reveals, she also works as a Supplemental Instructor at the Moreno Valley College and has severed as Associate Project Coordinator for the Intertek team since May 2018. However, her marriage to the WWE champion brought her into the spotlight.

Karina first met Kevin on the social media platform Myspace, back in 2006. After exchanging series of messages for a month or so, the two finally struck up a meeting that would mark the beginning of their marital journey together. Theirs was a quick one, as only a year later, they exchanged their vows.

Facts About Karina Elias

1. Salary and Net Worth

As of 2019, there are no sources stating Karina Elias’ exact net worth. However, by association, she shares in her husband’s $10 million fortune. Much of which have come from his career as a wrestler. Although we’re not sure how much he makes annually, we know the wrestler is living quite comfortably and happily.

2. Mother of Two

Together with her husband, Karina Elias has two children: Owen and Elodie. The family also own a bulldog by the name Luna. The couple each rock two matchings ‘K’ tattoos as well as the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tattoos, in addition, Kevin has their son and daughter’s names tattooed on his wrist.

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3. Movie Appearances

Even though she may not identify as an actress, Karina Elias has taken a shot at acting before. She appeared in the action crime film Checkmate (2015). We’re not sure if she hopes to continue in that line. But her performance on Checkmate shows Karina has an aptitude for acting.

4. Social media Following

Karina Elias seems to be quite active on social media. Although she operates a Twitter account, she’s best known on Instagram and has a following of over 40,000 on the platform.


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