Khia Lopez – Age, Height and Body Measurements

Khia Lopez is a young and established model who ventured into modeling at a very tender age. Khia has modeled for big names in the fashion industry and is presently signed with ‘The Weekend Wardrobe’ modeling agency. She is a social media star garnering thousands of followers on her respective accounts. She remains focused on finishing her education and establishing herself in the fashion industry.

Khia Lopez’s Age and Biography

Khia Lopez was born to her parents on the 24th of August 2004. Her parents Tiffany Palladine and James Lopez raised Khia alongside her two brothers (Kash and Jett) in California. Being their first child, her parents doted on her and gave her a memorable childhood. She was charming as a child and this must have contributed to her venture into modeling at the tender age of 3. She also took up dance classes very early and took up 8 different dance classes all at once at a point. All these have helped her with her poise and grace that she exudes. The saying ‘an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree’ might be true in Khia’s case. She might have caught the ‘fashion bug’ from her mother who is a stylist for tweens and has been very supportive of her modeling career.

As of this writing, Khia Lopez student of John Glenn Middle School, California and is in the seventh grade.

The beautiful fashionista really became a social media sensation after she joined Instagram in 2014 when she was just 10 years. Her stunning features and flair for fashion caught the attention of fashion enthusiast and her followers steadily began to rise.

Khia Lopez has shown dexterity on social media, she regularly contributes to her mother’s ‘We’re So Fancy’ Youtube channel alongside various pre-teen models. She has also featured as a model in a music video “You” by Dynamite Dylan where he featured rapper Post Malone.

In 2015, Khia was a contestant in the USA Spirit Cheer Competition. While she didn’t make it to the finals, it was a learning experience for her.

It’s undeniable that Khia has a great sense of style, she uses her Instagram account to advertise and model for different fashion companies like Moderne Child, Popular Poison, Izzy Be Clothing, Cynbella just to mention a few. She was privileged to walk at the ‘LA Fashion Week’ in 2017.

As at 2017, Khia Lopez’s net worth was rumored to be about $200 thousand. While nothing is confirmed, it is an impressive figure for a teenager who is schooling and working on the side. With her different runway gigs and modeling contracts, she has the potential to earn more.

Khia Lopez has a huge following on social media. She is popular on with over 600 thousand followers who follow her posts religiously. She seems to be very fond of Instagram where she constantly flaunts different eye-catching outfits and has a followership of close to 300 thousand and over a million followers on Tik Tok.

With the help of her mother and a dedicated and supportive team, Khia has the potential to rise above her present status in the fashion industry. She is young, hot, beautiful, talented and hard working. The odds are definitely stacked in her favor.


It has not been confirmed if Khia is in a relationship with a celebrity or anybody at all. Her mother has tried to keep a tight leash on the management of her social media account so it’s uncertain if she has extended this courtesy to other areas of her life. Considering the fact that she is presently fourteen years of age, Khia has not shown any indication of being in a relationship. She is presently concentrating on her studies and career.

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Khia Lopez’s Height & Body Measurement

The stunning Khia Lopez is 5 feet 3 inches tall. While some might consider this short for a model, she has the tendency to grow taller as she is just in her early teens and still growing.

As one will expect of a model, Khia has a very good body structure as she also has age on her side she doesn’t need to do much to maintain her physique. She has a body measurement of 30-23-30 inches for her chest, waist and hips respectively. She weighs about 49 kg. She has dark brown hair and also has dark brown eyes.

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