Kia Proctor – Bio, Age, Facts About Cam Newton’s Wife/Partner

Kia Proctor is the longtime girlfriend of Cam Newton who plays as a quarterback with the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). Prior to her relationship with Cam, she modeled for many brands, twerked, climbed as well as danced on poles as a club stripper but none of these brought her fame until she became the girlfriend and partner of the NFL star.

This is over six years the duo began their relationship but they already share two kids together out of three children birthed by Kia. Who is the father of Kia’s other child? Read on as we unveil that information and many others in her biography and facts about this beautiful ex-stripper.

Kia Proctor – Bio And Age

Kia Proctor was born and named Shakia Proctor on the 16th day of October 1988 in Virginia-Maryland. She assumed the moniker Hazel when she started plying her trade as a club stripper before she further abbreviated her name Shakia to Kia which she is currently known and identified by.

Kia’s parents are Anne Marie (mother) and Jerome Proctor (father). However, details about her childhood and educational pursuit are non-existence on any media platform so far. Aside from being known as one of the famed strippers, she is also a great party host and model.


Right from her early age, Kia knew she is beautiful, charming and endowed with a curvaceous physique that would make people exchange their dollars to watch her twerk. She began her career as a club stripper with her stage name Hazel. She stripped at popular clubs and cached on the heart of men she melted their hearts and had many of them drooling.

The model is said to have worked at popular clubs one of which is the Washington DC Stadium. With the exposure she garnered from stripping, she ventured into club hosting in Atlanta all to make ends meet. It was while she was doing her thing as a stripper and club host that she crossed path with Cam Newton; this gave rise to the new life she now enjoys. The one-time pole dancer eventually gave up her club job for a modeling career. So far she has modeled for many brands thus earning respect and admiration from many.

Facts About Cam Newton’s Wife/Partner

Husband/Partner – Cam Newton

Looking at the years Kia and Cam Newton have shared as partners, it shows she really met the man of her dream and would not let go anytime soon. They were said to have started their relationship in 2013 and made their first public appearance together at the Kentucky Derby. Following their many public appearances in events, many came to the conclusion that perhaps the love birds really have got the hots for each other. That saying has been verified as true over the years.

Kia Proctor
Kia Proctor with Partner Cam Newton and their children (Image Source)

While the rest of us are earnestly awaiting the chiming of the wedding bell, their relationship has brought forth two children, a son named Chosen Sebastian Newton, who was born on December 24, 2015. Their first son was followed by a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Campbell Newton, who was born on 3rd of February 2017, another son was born on July 6, 2018, named Camidas Swain, the fifth child of Kia Proctor is due in 2019, she unveiled her pregnancy on Instagram on the 1st day of May 2019.

Cameron Jarrell Newton aka Cam Newton is an American footballer born on May 11, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. His football career took off at the Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia where he had his high school education. With his impressive high school records, Cam landed college scholarships and eventually accepted to school at the University of Florida where he carried on with his exploits in the field before going on to play for Blinn College and Auburn University. He was drafted by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL draft as the first overall pick. Newton has remained committed with the Panthers since joining then.

Net worth

Kia Proctor may have worked for some time in a strip club and as a model, her net worth is however not a piece of public knowledge unlike the net worth of her partner who is reportedly worth $45 million. No wonder she lives in affluence with her kids and lover-man.

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She Has Another Daughter From Her Previous Relationship

Kia Proctor was in a previous relationship which she is yet to divulge details of it to the media. One known fact, however, is that she had a daughter named Shakira from that relationship although she has been economical with information about the father of her daughter whom she lovingly raises with Cam Newton. Shakira’s pictures are seen on her social media handles along with the rest of her other kids.

Her Height

The beautiful mother of three stands at a height of 5 ft 5 inches (1.68 m) while her frame is balanced with a weight of 55 kg or 121lbs. She has a great physique that has not only made her excel in her career as a model but does not give off the facts that she has birthed four kids already.

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