Revealing Truths About Kim Marie Kessler’s Marriage to Randy Orton and Other Fun Facts About Her

Do you believe that dreams do come true? Kim Marie Kessler is living her dream and probably every girl’s dream! She went from being a diehard fan of wrestler and stuntman Randy Orton to become his wife! That rarely happens except in the movies, and we are more than happy for Kim.

She attained a lot of public attention when she started dating Randy in 2012 after his divorce from ex-wife Samantha Speno. She has remained in the public’s eye ever since. Being a divorcee herself, we can assume that the two love birds do have quite a few things in common, and that contributes to the foundation of any happy relationship.

Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton Met in 2012 at a New York WWE Event

Randy Orton is a wrestler, actor, and stuntman who features on the WWE show Smackdown. He has also featured in a couple of movies in the past such as the 2011 film, That’s What I Am, and the 2016 series titled Shooter. The relationship between the two love birds started a very long time ago inside the head of Kim Kessler.

It is hilarious but true. Kim once said in an interview with Renee Young concerning Randy Orton that she had always considered him her boyfriend in her head for a long time. Could this be the scientific proof the world has been waiting for to prove that if we think it long enough, it will come to pass? Just kidding! Kim reportedly had multiple posters of Randy Orton over the walls of her house as she practically adored him.

Interestingly, it was not until 2012 that the two lovebirds first met. It was at an event organized by the WWE in Kim’s home city, New York. Randy Orton had approached her at the event to ask for her name and later revealed that despite being a celebrity, he had felt very nervous walking up to her. From there, they kicked off a loving relationship that has lasted to date.

They Got Married After Three Years of Dating

Randy and Kim Marie Kessler dated for about three years before he eventually proposed to her in July of 2015 while they were on a beautiful vacation together in Bora Bora. After proposing to Kim in Bora Bora, she shared a beautiful image of her engagement ring on Twitter and fans went wild with happiness.

She later narrated that when he proposed to her, she felt so many emotions at once that she started laughing! How cute! They got married four months later in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 14, 2015, in a small ceremony attended by family and friends. The two shared beautiful pictures of their special day on social media, and fans could not get enough.

Their Unexpected Love Story Has Produced One Daughter

In 2016, Kim Kessler broke the good news to her fans that she was expecting a baby. She frequently uploaded pictures and videos documenting her pregnancy for her followers to see. On November 22, 2016, the couple welcomed their first child together. It was a girl, and they gave her the name Brooklyn Rose Orton.

Aside from their daughter, the Kessler-Orton family also have a dog. Marie adopted the dog, named Spike, with her husband. The couple rescued Spike during their vacation in Bora Bora.

Kim and Randy Orton Both Have Children from Their Previous Marriages

There is still a lot we do not know about Kim since her relationship with the wrestler brought her into the spotlight. However, we do know that she used to be married, and the marriage produced three children, all of whom are boys. So also does Randy, who used to be married to Samantha Speno.

Their marriage spanned five years between 2007 and 2012. It ended in 2012 over alleged infidelity from Randy. The former couple finalized their divorce the following year, and despite the disappointing end of their marriage, have maintained a cordial relationship to date. Randy’s marriage to Samantha Speno produced one daughter, Alanna Marie Orton.

Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton have managed to blend their family into one large unit. Kim has grown close to Alanna, and Randy has developed a relationship with her three boys. All four of their older children were present at the couple’s wedding in Las Vegas.

She Has Matching Tattoos with the WWE Superstar

There is already plenty of evidence that Kim and Randy Orton love each other, especially from their individual social media posts. But there is offline evidence too, specifically on their bodies in the form of tattoos. Randy, who is already notable for his body ink, added another with his wife shortly after their wedding.

Kim Marie shared a tweet on November 19, 2015, revealing the couple’s shared tattoo. She tattooed ‘Randy’ on her index finger while the wrestler had ‘Kim’ in an equivalent position.

Kim is a native of New York and Social Media Celebrity

For a long time, Kim Marie Kessler was unknown to the press. Following her relationship and marriage to Randy Orton, she has been receiving a lot of media attention. Sadly, none of it has shed light on her past. However, we know that this beautiful mom of five was born in the city of New York and has lived there for most of her life.

While her background might be coated in mystery, her present is a lot more visible. Since she became Mrs. Orton, Kim has found plenty of love on social media. Her Instagram page, @kim.orton01, has more than 448 k followers. The story is no different on Twitter where her page, @KimKlro, has over 79 k followers.

She is Also a Fashion Entrepreneur Who Has Access to Her Husband’s Millions

Kim Marie Kessler might be majorly known for being the wife of the WWE superstar, but she has her own little thing going too. She is an entrepreneur who owns the fashion brand, Slthr. The online shop sells men, women, kids clothing as well as accessories.

Some of the clothing items in its collection include hoodies, t-shirts, gift cards, leggings, and more. Being a private company, we cannot say how exactly profitable the venture has been for Kim. Still, there is no doubt it has contributed to her luxurious lifestyle.

Slthr, along with her husband’s wealth, currently estimated at $11 million, has provided for vacations to exotic locations, private jet rides, and a high-end wardrobe.

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