Kimi Evans – Bio, Is She Married? Here Are Facts You Need To Know

Kimi Evans has been famously known over the years as a weather journalist. She has worked as a certified meteorologist at several television channels including KHON, CBS Corporation, CW6 and many others. Currently, the adept weather reporter has gained the attention of a wide audience as NBC Universal Media’s weather reporter and also working at Disney ABC7 Television Group as their meteorologist.

The journey has not been a rosy one for the weather journalist who kick-started her career as a sales representative. With great determination and hard work, Kimi Evans has grown to become one of the most celebrated meteorologists in America.

Below are more facts that you need to know about the famous meteorologist’s early life and personal relationships. 


The weather reporter is of mixed ethnicity and usually celebrates her birthday on the 27th of February with her actual year of birth being an unclosed detail as Evans has not publicised such information on any media platform. She was nurtured single-handedly by her mother, who is Japanese. She had a little spell of her childhood experience in Japan before moving to Los Angeles, where she grew up.

Kimi Evans didn’t have much of a fatherly presence in her life, considering that she met her father on only a few occasions before he died from cancer in 2018. The famous journalist completed her secondary education from a Christian Missionary Boarding School in Japan, where she was the head of their high school choir. She attended the University of Southern California and later obtained her Broadcast Meteorology certificate from Mississippi State University.

Immediately after her graduation, Evans started working as a Japanese to English translator as she can fluently speak Japanese and English. She then followed it up by working as a cast director translator as well as production assistant translator at a Japanese film company. After a while, Kimi Evans began with the pursuit of her career as a journalist at LA News TV station in Hawaii, serving as a weather reporter.

She further moved her services to KHON, where she successfully carried out her weather reporting duties for a period of one year before joining the CBS Corporation. There at the CBS Corporation, she served as a meteorologist for two years and during that time, the notable weather journalist was also working as an anchor at CW6, which lasted for over five years.

Kimi Evans is currently associated with NBC Universal Media as a weather reporter and at the same, working as Disney ABC7 Television Group meteorologist, a job which she has been brilliantly executing since 2017.

Kimi Evans
Kimi Evans on ABC7 TV Channel

In the midst of the famous meteorologist’s success story lies evidence of hard work, owing to the fact that she carries out extensive research and analysis along with proper weather forecasting before presenting it live on-air. With all her successful endeavours, Kimi Evans was once nominated in San Diego as One of The Top 100 Women Who Move The City.

Is Kimi Evans Married?

In 2013, Kimi Evans posted an update on the social media that she was in a relationship with her close friend, Frankie; but since then, there has not been any story to back that up.

Surprisingly, the talented journalist has successfully kept the information concerning her love life away from the media, as it’s still unknown if she is married or in a romantic relationship.

Facts You Need To Know About Kimi Evans

1. Kimi Evans Owns A Fitness Studio

The widely-known weather journalist is the owner of Pilate Plus Pacific Beach fitness studio, which she established in 2010. It’s quite obvious that she is physically fit as she loves to practice indoor cycling and also spends time hiking at the beach.

2. She Works As An Online Business Strategist

The famous meteorologist is the founder of Evans Consulting, where she works as an online business strategist.

3. Her Favourite Food

According to Kimi Evans, she loves to eat sushi and cupcakes a lot. She also has a special likeness for ice tea.

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4. Personal Life And Orientation

At a certain time in 2009, Evans was speculated to be gay as a result of her update on social media that she was in a relationship with Uoko Joy, her female friend. It was later found out that she was only making fun of her love life.

5. Evans Has Worked As A Model

Kimi Evans previously modelled for a magazine called Seventeen when she was in her teens.


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