King Zwelithini Is Certain He Is The Messiah South Africa Has Been Waiting For

During the traditional Reed dance of the Zulu culture which took place over the weekend, King Zwelithini has asked the ANC to step aside so that he can step in and salvage South Africa.

The King is certain he will do a better job than the present ruling administration; because according to him, “God gave me powers to lead.”

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Expressing his sadness over the murder of political figures from the ANC and the South African Communist Party (SACP) in Ichanga, the monarch concludes that this was a sign of a failed government.

“It hurts me when I am seeing people holding two separate funerals on the same day in one area‚ while they belong to one party‚ one alliance.”

“If you fail (to lead the country) step aside and allow us to lead the country. We can lead it very well. Anyway, God gave me powers to lead.”

Digressing into the racial struggle which is still evident in the country, King Goodwill Zwelithini said he was bothered that the nation is still largely in the hands of whites.

“As I am talking‚ the capital city of South Africa is governed by whites‚ which is a sign that the country is gone. The economic base [Johannesburg] has been taken over by whites. If politicians had listened to me‚ the election results would not be like this.”


He specifically warned the government not to make promises they could not fulfill. He advised them to embrace honesty and be as transparent as possible with the people.

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King Zwelithini accused the ANC and opposition parties of clamoring for power more than they are ready to deliver and fulfill their promises to the people.

“Therefore they are failures. What does it mean when people who have been elected by people point fingers at each other?”

“Solve these problems so that you can provide services. I cannot tolerate what is happening because if it continues like this it is setting a bad example.”

In reaction to King Zwelithini’s comment, DA provincial leader Zwakele Mncwango made reservations to the King’s racial comments.

The ANC provincial spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli, however, welcomed and respected the king’s opinion on the matter.