Riveting Details of How Kira Kosarin Shot To The Limelight, Her Family Members and Boyfriend

For fans of the popular Nickelodeon comedy show, The Thundermans, Kira Kosarin is one of the best things to happen to their screens in a long time. Thanks to her portrayal of the intelligent and highly-meticulous Phoebe, who often has to deal with her mischievous twin brother – Max, Kosarin has endeared herself to many young people in America and has won several awards in the process.

She is however not resting on her laurels but has diversified her talents into other lucrative aspects of showbiz. In music, Kira has released several songs and one album. She has also appeared in a few music videos where she showcased her skills as a dancer. Kira is not only admired for her acting, dancing, and singing skills but also for her red carpet appearances which she often complements with a dazzling smile.

Kira Kosarin’s Love for Performing Arts Can be Traced to Her Childhood

With the full name Kira Nicole Kosarin, the actress was born on the 7th day of October 1997 in Morristown, New Jersey. This makes her nationality American while her ethnicity is eastern European Ashkenazi Jew. Kira spent her formative years in New Jersey and dabbled into showbiz as a child. This was thanks to the influence of her parents. Both of her parents worked in Broadway in various capacities and she spent most of her early years waiting for them backstage.

During these waiting periods, the young Kira became quite fascinated with the performers and started emulating them. She first took to gymnastics and by the age of nine, turned to dance. She would persevere in these for several years; dabbling into ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, and even hip-hop dance. Kira’s family later relocated to Florida and she continued her dancing lessons there. She also honed her acting skills by participating in school plays (at Pine Crest School), community theatre, and regional theatre in Florida.

At the age of 12, Kira decided to enroll in an acting-on-camera class taking place in her neighborhood. The class was quite fun and this made her totally fall in love with acting. She, therefore, had no qualms agreeing to come to L.A. when the teacher of the acting class mentioned that he had a summer acting camp out there. In Los Angeles, Kira’s talents shone and she met with some agents and managers. With that, she decided to stay back in Tinsel town and hunt for opportunities.

She Found Fame as Phoebe on “The Thundermans”

On settling down in Los Angeles, Kira Kosarin attended a few auditions before finally booking a minor role in the Disney channel drama, Shake It Up (2012). Then, in the following year, she was cast as Phoebe in the television drama series, The Thundermans, and this became her breakthrough.

The Thundermans is a comedy series about a family with superhero powers. They hide these superpowers to lead regular lives. The show stars the likes of Jack Griffo, Chris Tallman, and Rosa Blasi while Kira portrayed one of the family’s daughters named Phoebe. Her character is a studious, type-A personality who is often clumsy but is determined to do well. Frustrating her plans at every turn is her twin brother, Max, who is determined to be a villain of sorts.

Kira Kosarin
Kosarin in The Thundermans: Image Source

The Thundermans debuted on Nickelodeon in October 2013 and ran for five years during which it averaged about 1.7 million viewers. Such popularity announced Kira and her co-stars to America and indeed most of the world. Their star status was further cemented when the show won several awards including the 2015 Kids Choice Awards for Favorite International Program and the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite TV Show. On a personal basis, Kira was nominated for Kids Choice Award’s Favorite TV Actress in 2015 and 2016.

The Hulu Thriller, “Light as a Feather” Is One of Her Popular Projects

Kira Kosarin’s acting career is not limited to The Thundermans. While playing Phoebe, she has also appeared in other Nickelodeon projects such as One Cruise, Henry Danger, School of Rock, Paradise Run, and Knight Squad.

Away from Nickelodeon, the New Jersey native has also appeared in the supernatural, thriller web series, Light as a Feather. It is a Hulu series about four best friends and the shy new girl in school who harmlessly decided to play a game of light as a feather, stiff as a board.

They however get more than they bargained for after they start dying in the exact way that is predicted. What then ensues is a scramble to figure out the evil force that is targeting them. Light as a Feather debuted in October 2018 and Kira joined the cast in season 2. She portrays the recurring role of Nadia Adams, an inquisitive girl who finds herself under the curse of the game.

The Nickelodeon Star Dropped Her Debut Album in 2019

Much has been made of the fact that Kira Kosarin loves dancing and acting. Well, another thing she also loves is singing. She often uses songs to articulate feelings that she couldn’t put into words in real life, such as her feelings about heartbreaks and soured relationships.

Kira began penning songs at the age of 15 and at one point, had enough to put out three albums. She however could not do so due to her Thundermans’ commitment. Thankfully, the show is over and Kira is moving ahead at full speed. She dropped her first single, “Spy”, in February 2018. She then followed it up with other singles such as “Vinyl”, “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, “Take This Outside”, and “47 Hours”. Kira now has an album titled Off Brand, and an EP titled Songbird to her name. She has performed in the U.K. and her musical influences include the likes of Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, SZA, H.E.R, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, and Bryson Tiller.

Her Father Was a Musical Director on Broadway While Her Mother Was an Actress

Undoubtedly, Kira Kosarin’s choice of career was quite influenced by her family background. Her father, Danny Kosarin, worked in Broadway as a music producer and director while mother, Lauren, was an actress in that same place. Kira also had an uncle who was a conductor on Broadway as well. All these meant that the young girl hung around the theatre a lot during which she unconsciously picked up some lessons. She naturally took to dancing and singing and the rest, as they say, is now history.

Kira’s parents did not stop at just influencing their daughter’s career choice but were also supportive of her. They readily schlepped her from Florida to L.A. for acting summer camp. When it turned out that she was genuinely talented, they did not hesitate to relocate to Los Angeles to give her a chance to realize her dreams.

Kira’s parents were there every step of the way, including when she received the call that she had landed the part of Phoebe on The Thundermans. Such dedication has Kira holding her parents in high esteem. She often refers to them as her super idols when she posts their photos online.

Kira Kosarin Is Dating British-born Musician, Max Chester

The former Nickelodeon star is presently in a budding relationship with the handsome Max Chester. Chester is a British-born music composer and songwriter who is based in Los Angeles. He and Kira became friends as a result of their mutual interest in music. That long-term friendship eventually morphed into a romance several months down the line, specifically in July 2020.

On the 19th of August 2020, Kira shared a sweet snap commemorating their one month anniversary. She also celebrated Max on National boyfriend day, thus leaving none in doubt that they are dating.

Before Max, She Was Chase Austin’s Girlfriend

Kira Kosarin was once in a heavily-publicized relationship with actor Chase Austin. Austin is a native of Florida and has been featured in movies such as Soledad, The Bride He Bought Online, etc. He was also Kira’s co-star on Shake It Up. The two starlets dated for several months in 2015 during which a lot of fans horned in on their relationship. It ended shortly after they celebrated their six months anniversary together.

It remains unclear the reasons behind their break up but Kira has made it clear that Austin never did anything disrespectful or unkind during their time together. She described him as a wonderful human being whom she still loves with all her heart and stated that the breakup up was due to unavoidable change. The actress went ahead to state that they remain friends and asked fans not to hate on Austin but rather continue supporting him.

Before Austin, Kira reportedly dated the likes of Argentinian actor, Nick Merico, and American singer and songwriter, Austin Mahone. She was also linked with her twin brother in The Thundermans, Jack Griffo, but the duo laughed this off. The pair are more like siblings, having attended the same acting school in Florida before simultaneously relocating to Hollywood and landing their breakthrough roles on the same show.

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