Fun Facts About Kirsten Joy Weiss Early Life and The Pursuits That Enabled Her Rise to Fame

What do you call a damsel who works as a professional shooter? Tenacious, Eclectic, and Genuine are just some of the right words to describe Kirsten Joy Weiss. She is not just another example of women who believe every sport should be women-friendly, but also an example of women breaking all known stereotypes. She is not only breaking the stereotypes in which the female gender has been boxed in for years, but also gently persuading anti-gun conservatives to see shooting in a different light.

To all Americans who demand for the review of the Second Amendment because of their fear of guns, the unerring sharpshooter has shown in videos, the fun, and joy of an enriching lifestyle of shooting. According to her, guns are to be seen as tools just like a chef’s knife or a golfer’s club. As an advocate for the positive use of guns, her marksmanship is out of this world.

She once shot lead off the tip of a pencil and had made a Halloween pumpkin lantern with a Volquartsen semi-automatic .22 rifle! She has been able to gather a multitude to her YouTube channel, and videos of her impeccable marksmanship keep her fans drooling for more shots. This post opens the curtains on Gunny Time crooner, Kirsten Joy Weiss.

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ Parents Are Firearm Lovers 

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ was a precocious kid, whose parents taught her the importance and usefulness of firearms earlier on. Although we have no info on the specifics of her date of birth, some sources, however, claim she was born on the 8th of February sometime in the ’80s; albeit, we have not been able to confirm that. Her parents’ names are also not publicly known, as well as her siblings (if she had any).

Findings, however, revealed that she was raised by both her dad and mom who were gun lovers. “Treat every gun as if it were loaded” was the first firearm lesson she received from them, and she has never stopped crediting them with that gun safety quote. Her parents didn’t just stop at that quote, but also went ahead to enroll her to be trained in gunnery. With the safety quote in mind and training in firearms, Kirsten has gone ahead to show the world that guns can represent fun, recreation, camaraderie, and freedom.

Her parents did not only teach her to know guns, but they also got her trained in other sporting activities like gymnastics and horse riding. Being naturally blessed with a very good balance, Kirsten Joy Weiss excelled in these sports with little bother.

Her Love For Guns Earned Her A University Scholarship

While still in high school, Kirsten took part in other sporting activities, but her love for the shooting was special. Soon, she won gold for it at an International Cup at Bisley, England, and received a collegiate rifle scholarship to study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

During her stay at the University, she was very involved in a gun club, the NACC Rifle Team, and this availed the opportunity to visit Thailand, South Pacific, Peru, and many other places for both national and international competitions, and she won several titles.

She also made an Olympic short-list and traveled wide. Kirsten Joy Weiss later graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of Nebraska with a degree in International and Global Studies.

Weiss Did Different Jobs Before Fame

This pro shooter may look like she’s had a military background all her life. But make no mistake, she’s not only a civilian but someone who has also had a taste of the normal 9-5 working hour hassle before she eventually struck gold. Before becoming a household name shooter, Kirsten also took up different jobs in different places. In 2003, she worked as a volunteer teacher in the Udon Thani province of Thailand for one year. Between 2005 and 2006, she also worked as a volunteer with two NGOs – Read to Succeed and Dad’s of Kids with Disabilities.

Kirsten Joy Weiss also worked as a sales executive and an office manager for an undisclosed number of years. Although she began taking part in shooting competitions as far back as 2003, she didn’t make it a professional career until 2010. She participated in many tournaments across the U.S and other countries, for which she won several titles, including making the Olympics Short-list and becoming the National NRA Women’s Champion.

The Switch That Brought Her To The Limelight

In 2014, Weiss did a major career switch by becoming a Stunt Shooter and Shooting Consultant for product design and testing for various firearm companies. She even began appearing on TV as a Shooter for movies such as Manglehorn and Wasteland. In 2015 Kirsten Joy Weiss’ began some serious work on the show GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey and later starred in the 2018 edition of the show, GunnyTime: Celebrity Edition.

In 2013, Weiss launched a self-titled YouTube channel, which is the largest female gun channel in the world on YouTube. The seven years old channel, with over 290,000 subscribers, has amassed over 21,743,924 views in total. She is also active across other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where she also promotes the positive reality of guns through performance show shots, trick shooting, shooting games, etc. Presently, she has garnered over 109,000 and 52,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

Why She Turned Down America’s Got Talent Invite

As her popularity grew, Weiss got an Invite from America’s Got Talent team to participate in the 2014 edition of the show, but guess what? She turned it down. Weiss did open up in an interview that she was initially excited about the offer as it sounded like a perfect opportunity to get in the faces of over 15 million people who watched the show and pass her message to people who are either anti-gun or ignorant of its pleasures but turned down the offer when she discovered that the team had the liberty to edit the videos and portray them to audiences whichever way they choose, which means that they might compromise her pro-gun ideology.

Other Shades of Kirsten Joy Weiss

Aside from trick shooting, Kirsten told NRA Blog in an interview in 2016 that she is also an artist, writer, firearm consultant, scuba diver, linguist, skin diver, explorer, martial artist, dancer, ethnobotanist, entomophagist (depending on the country), hunter, computer game nerd, nomad…, she is undoubtedly a lover of adventures.

Also, in 2016, she partnered with Grunt Style to promote their brand to her audience as a professional shooter and outdoor enthusiast, as well as other aspects of her natural lifestyle.

The Pro Shooter Might Be Single

Quite popular on social media, one would think everything on Kirsten Joy Weiss’ life would be gotten on social media; sadly, that isn’t the case. She may be loud about every other thing, but not her relationship status or any details of her love life. We’re still not sure why she’d deprived fans of that info yet, but we know she can’t hide forever. Like Daniel Tosh, something will definitely leak.

So, at the time of this writing, Kirsten Joy Weiss hasn’t given us any hints to believe she’s in any form of relationship or even married. Except for her controversial quote, “if your boyfriend doesn’t have a gun, he’s a girlfriend,” she hasn’t quite mentioned anything about a boyfriend. One thing we know for sure is that she’s pursuing her career wholeheartedly as though her life depends on it.


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