Kirsten Joy Weiss
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What do you call a damsel who works as a professional shooter? Tenacious, Eclectic and Genuine are just some of the right words to describe Kirsten Joy Weiss who is another example of women who believe every sport should be women-friendly. She is good at what she does and that’s why she made it beyond a worthy threshold of google searches. Weiss is not only a competitive shooting champion based in the United States, but she’s also a successful YouTuber with thousands of followers who view her content daily. This post opens the curtains on Gunny Time crooner, Kirsten Joy Weiss.


Kirsten Joy Weiss’ was a precocious kid whose parents taught her the importance and usefulness of firearms earlier on. “Treat every gun as if it were loaded,” they told her. Although we have no handle on the specifics of her date of birth, we know that she attended the University of Nebraska where she studied International and Global Studies and graduated Suma Cum Laude. We’re not quite sure how she managed to do it, but sources believe that Weiss concurrently ran her studies with other opportunities beyond the shores of the United States, especially in countries such as Peru, Thailand and the South Pacific.

Reports also have it that she served as a teacher in Thailand’s Udon Thani Province. Moreso, it’s no surprise that her early love for firearms followed her right through college, where she got involved with the NCAA Rifle Team. So far, she’s been tight-lipped about her family, siblings and other important details one should normally know about her formative period.

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ Career

Kirsten Joy Weiss.
Kirsten Joy Weiss (Middle) Poses among the GunnyTime Grenade Launchers Ballistic trio.

This pro shooter may look like she’s had a military background all her life. But make no mistake, she’s not only a civilian, but she’s also had a taste of the normal 9-5 working hour hassle before she eventually struck gold. She worked as a sales executive for an undisclosed number of years. However, in 2014, she did a major switch and became Stunt Shooter, Shooting Consultant and Shooter for movies such as Manglehorn and Wasteland. In 2015 Kirsten Joy Weiss’ began some serious work on the show GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey and later starred in the 2018 edition of the show, GunnyTime: Celebrity Edition.

As her popularity grew, Weiss got an Invite from the America Got Talent team to participate in the show; but declined it. She was reportedly concerned that since the team had the liberty to edit the videos and portray them to audiences whichever way they choose, they might compromise her pro-gun ideology.

At the moment, Kirsten Joy Weiss focuses on her career as a Youtuber. She runs the largest female gun channel in the world; with over 200,000 people as subscribers and ten million views per episode. Plus, she’s active on both Facebook and Instagram with over 100,000 and 45,000 followers respectively.

Salary and Net Worth

With so much popularity and following, it would be right to speculate that Kirsten Joy Weiss’ net worth will be totaling thousands of dollars. But that’s the best we can do for now, speculate. As far as specifics go, there’s no figure on her actual earning and net worth yet.

Is She Married, Who is The Husband or Boyfriend?

Quite popular on social media, one would think everything on Kirsten Joy Weiss’ life could be gotten on social media; sadly, that isn’t the case. She may be loud about every other thing, but not her relationship status or any details of her love life. We’re still not sure why she’d deprived fans of that info yet, but we know she can’t hide forever. Like Daniel Tosh, something will definitely leak. So, at the time of this writing, Kirsten Joy Weiss hasn’t given us any hints to believe she’s in any form of relationship or even married.

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Except for her controversial quote; if your boyfriend doesn’t have a gun, he’s a girlfriend, she hasn’t quite mentioned anything about a boyfriend. One thing we know for sure is, she’s pursuing her career wholeheartedly as though her life depends on it.

Height and Body Measurement

Kirsten Joy Weiss is of average build. She has beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair. As of this writing, her shoe size, weight, height, and other body measurement are not known. But from what can be garnered from looking at her, she is of average height.

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