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Kitana Turnbull is an American child actress as well as a dancer and singer. Even though this young lady is not old enough to legally drink, drive or vote; she is already making waves in Hollywood and has appeared in several movies and TV series. Turnbull is, however, most popular for her role as Carmelita Spats, a tyrannical and insufferable bully on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Want to know more about this fast rising starlet? We have got you covered.

Biography (Age)

Kitana Turnbull was born on the 8th of August 2005 in the United States of America. Her ethnicity is Caucasian while her nationality is American. The actress has not disclosed a lot of personal details about herself. As such, there is a paucity of information with regards to her early life, childhood, and educational background. However, it is not hard to tell that she is quite educated, seeing how well-spoken she is. When it comes to Turnbull’s family background, there is also a scarcity of details in that regard. However, one can expect that as her profile continues to rise, more details will emerge about her family. Additionally, there is no gainsaying the fact that her family will be proud of her, given all she has managed to achieve at such a young age.

Kitana Turnbull was born with a natural aptitude for the performing arts and thus, she commenced her career at an early age. Her first foray into showbiz was in singing and dancing. She later commenced her Hollywood career in 2014 (at the age of nine), appearing in two short films, Monster in a House and Goodnight Lucy. The former is a short drama about a little girl, named Miah, who has to battle with monsters created by her parents’ fights. Turnbull played the leading role of Miah and received positive reactions for her performance. The Independent Critic described her performance as “heart-breaking vulnerability” and “mesmerizing”.

Since this amazing debut, Turnbull has not rested on her oars. She has gone on to garner appearances in several movies, TV series and animations. They include Supergirl (2015), kid-A-Ma-Jigs (2015), Elena of Avalor (2016), The Bachelors (2017), Penn Zero: Part Time Hero (2017), Shimmer and Shine (2017),  Next Gen (2018), Puppy Dog Pals (2018), Costume Quest (2019), and A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE). ASOUE is a Netflix remake of the classic children’s novel.

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It follows the trials and tribulations faced by the three Baudelaire children after the death of their parents in a mysterious fire. In the series, Kitana Turnbull plays the role of Carmelita Spats – the resident bully at the Prufrock Prep School where the Baudelaire children find themselves in. She makes the children’s lives miserable and even figures out a way to sneak their arch enemy, Count Olaf, into the school. As is common knowledge, ASOUE is full of villains but Turnbull managed to stand out with her maniacal performance. Her excellent showing fetched her rave reviews and there was even a whole Reddit thread dedicated to her brilliant performance.

Kitana Turnbull
Turnbull with her co-stars from the Netflix series, A series of Unfortunate Events Image Source

Net Worth

Kitana Turnbull is one young lady who has multiple sources of income. Apart from acting, she has also has done commercials for companies such as KFC, Samsung, Pizza Hut, Honda, Macy’s, Tide, and Converse. The actress is also earning a regular income from her Instagram account where she promotes various products using her ASOUE signature phrase – cakesniffers. Given these several sources of income, there is no doubt that Turnbull must have accumulated a small fortune which some random sources pegged at $200,000.

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Kitana Turnbull is single for the time being. This should not come as a surprise, given that she is still a young girl and has her whole life ahead of her. Additionally, she is involved in an industry which demands a lot of focus and hard work in order for an individual to succeed. Therefore, most of her energy is geared towards building a thriving career in Hollywood.

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Kitana Turnbull’s height, as well as other body measurements, are not yet available. However, a simple glance at the actress will reveal that she is of average height and has a slim build. Given that she is still a growing child, there is no doubt that she will definitely grow taller as the years go by. Asides acting, Turnbull is a dance enthusiast and has taken part in several dancing competitions. All these will definitely contribute in keeping her in good physical shape in the future.

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