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Kiya Winston can definitely be considered a celebrity in her own right, and this is not just because of her husband. The forward-thinking African-American is a fashion designer with her own studio and a plethora of high-profile clients. Her spouse, Mike Tomlin, is famous for being the head coach of the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers. She has had a passion for designing and crafting bodywear since she was ten, and has made a successful career out of it. Kiya describes herself as a mom, wife, and designer.

Kiya Winston’s Biography

Kiya Winston was born in Morristown, New Jersey, but information about her actual date of birth isn’t available. As a child, she was very tiny and wanted clothes that could be cool and fit at the same time. She started designing for herself because it was hard to get ready-made solutions. She asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and began using it when she was 11 years, sewing pillows, ducks, and dresses.

Kiya Winston spent her entire childhood designing, sewing, and making clothes, including outfits for babies and prom dresses for herself and friends. Not much is known about her family, however, it is no secret that her parents divorced when she was still young, as a result, Kiya and her siblings were raised by her mother.

She took her sewing machine with her to college and made clothes for her gymnastic club, herself, and even for a coach who was pregnant.

Kiya Winston’s Husband and Kids

Kiya Winston
Kiya with husband Mike

When they were students at William & Mary’s College, Kiya Winston met Mike Tomlin and they started dating. Tomlin was a class ahead and a wide receiver for the school’s football team. He was a pre-law student and she was a pre-med student. However, after Mike made up his mind on a coaching career, Kiya who had originally considered a career in medicine switched to the College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning at the University of Cincinnati as she realised that a medical career and her husband’s football coaching career would make for a difficult married life.

The couple tied the knot in 1996, a year after Mike had finished school and two weeks after she graduated.

Despite the fact that her husband, Mike, is considered as the third youngest head coach in any of the four major professional sports in the USA, Kiya absolutely has no interest in football. She devotes her time to her family, her man, and her business.

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Their marriage is blessed with 3 kids; 2 boys, Dean (b. 2000) and Mason (b. 2002), and daughter Harley Quinn (b 2006). She lives with her family in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and regularly attends the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

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6 Things About Mike Tomlin’s Wife

1. Kiya Winston’s parents divorced when she was young, and she grew up watching her mother work to support her kids, as a result, this made her get determined about becoming financially independent.

2. There is talent in Kiya’s lineage; her grandpa performed alongside many well-known artists, including Tony Bennett and Billie Holiday, meanwhile, her sister Mia is a photographer and an artist.

3. Kiya Tomlin launched her beautiful collection of re-imagined sweatsuits in 2014. Uptown Sweats is inspired by the energy and aspirations of today’s modern woman. Her designs combine femininity, versatility, style, function, and luxurious comfort. Her designs are targeted at women over the age of 30 and are produced in the USA.

4. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million, while that is no chicken feed, it pales in comparison to her husband’s net worth of over $16 million. Tomlin is said to earn a salary of $6 million every year.

5. She refused to be interviewed on HBO’s Documentary First Ladies of Sport twice because she thought it would be about her husband’s football and would be more of a reality show. The producers had to send a rough draft of what the show entailed in order to get her to appear on the show.

6. Her oldest son, Dean, who goes by the nickname Dino, received an offer to play football at his parents’ alma mater. He committed to the University of Maryland instead, probably because he wanted less pressure.

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