Koren Grieveson – Bio, Profile and Facts About Anne Burrell’s Partner

Koren Grieveson is a well-renowned chef, reality TV star, and former member of the US Army. She turned a hobby into a career and caught the attention of the media with her cooking skills. A former army personnel, she served the army for nine years and has spent over 2 decades working as a chef. With her experience and skills in cooking, she is often regarded as one of the most affluent chefs in the whole of America. Not forgetting the many awards that are credited to her name. Well, with her knowledge in culinary services, Grieveson has managed a few stations and has also worked as a chef. Read to discover all the facts there is to know about the chef.

Koren Grieveson Bio and Profile 

Koren Grieveson was born on the 4th of November 1971 in South Africa. There is a dearth of information regarding the details of her education, however, it is known that while growing up, she travelled from one country to another because of her parent’s job but finally settled at Glastonbury, Connecticut.

As it may sound, Koren Grieveson holds a degree in secrecy. She has often time avoided discussing the affairs of her parents and the immediate family to the public. In an interview, she once said that her parents are top notch poultry business people and she has sisters who are also doing well for themselves. All through the interview, Koren was quite accurate not to mention either the names of her parents nor siblings. These details remain unknown to the media to date.

Koren Grieveson who was quite strong-willed as a child and joined the army when she was seventeen. She served the United States Army for a period of nine years before doing several menial jobs and finally discovering job fulfilment in being a chef. After discovering her choice of career, the foodie did everything in her capacity to hone her skills.

Then, she attended the Culinary Institute of America. There, she was groomed with the etiquette of cooking and serving, thereby, she gained expertise in culinary services. The chef graduated from the institute in 1998 and landed a job as a sous gourmet expert at the restaurant, Kahan’s Blackbird.

Koren Grieveson worked at the restaurant for 5 years before securing a better paying job at Avec. With Avec, she started out as the chef before becoming the floor supervisor. She later left Avec in 2003. Meanwhile, before her days at Avec, Koren worked for an exotic bar and restaurant in New York.

She subsequently rendered her services as a chef for Rusto before she was promoted to the post of executive chef in 2015. She served in her position for six years before quitting her job. Currently, she works as a meat chef in a restaurant somewhere in New York.

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Facts About Anne Burrell’s Partner

Koren Grieveson
Koren Grieveson and Anne Bruell

• Formerly, most of Koren’s fans looked forward to her relationship details, however, the chef kept mute about these facts but came out openly in 2012 announcing that she is a lesbian. While the news went viral, the foodie further revealed that she had been in a relationship with Chef Anne Burrell and is currently engaged to her. The couple has been engaged for over six years and mistaken to be married. Nevertheless, the two is yet to be married.

• Koren is a tattoo freak. She has shown her love for art through the many tattoos she has imprinted on various parts of her skin. She has a crest drawn on her body that reminds her of her family and a piece of bacon which gives a description for her passion for cooking.

• For her cooking skills, Koren has bagged a few awards. Her most significant award happened in 2010, where she won the James Beard Award for Best Chef.

• The details of Koren Grieveson’s annual salary has been withheld, however, sources say that she has acquired a net worth of $1 million. Apart from this, she also owns a few properties.

• Koren Grieveson is a pretty woman. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches. Her dark brown eyes and hairs are among some of her catchy body features.


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