Korie Koker – Bio, Age, Children, Facts About Danny Koker’s Wife

Korie Koker is a die-hard rock and roll fan, a musician who became a technician and successful business owner. She came into the limelight via her marriage to Danny Koker a.k.a The Count; a television personality who is known for History Channel’s Counting Cars. Before fame, she has worked with reputable television stations as a camera operator and a production coordinator. After their union, Korie Koker has helped her spouse build great and successful businesses including Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. Learn more about her bio and other facts below.

Korie Koker – Bio (Age)

Korie Fera Koker hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US, born on August 8, 1965. Very little or nothing is known about her childhood and family background apart from the fact that her family still very much resides in Las Vegas. She is an American and she belongs to the white ethnic background. Koker acquired a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, however, the institution she attended is currently not known.

After school, Korie wasted no time in taking up a career in a television house but not as a broadcaster. In her short career in the media industry, she worked behind the scene as a program coordinator or producer. She originally started out her career by mounting cameras and operating same in the course of productions before she moved a bit higher as a production coordinator.

While she was holding it down in the TV stations, she didn’t let her singing talent go unharnessed as she joined a rock band group where she sang her heart out until the group disbanded. Though she is no longer an active professional singer, she still signs rock and roll singers and bands in her business stage.

Family: Husband and Children

Those who are fans of History Channel‘s reality TV show, Counting Cars will surely be familiar with Danny Koker. And yes, Danny is the Husband of Korie Koker. They have been together for over a decade and still counting. Together, they have formed a formidable partnership not just as soulmates but also business partners.

Korie with Husband Danny Koker and Osbourne

However, from all indications the couple is yet to have any child of their own; perhaps they are busy building their career or still keeping faith to have their own child someday or do not really want to have any kids at all. Well, whichever way, the pair seem to be having the best life together.

Danny Koker is an American-born reality Television star, celebrity mechanic, musician and producer, born on January 5, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States of America. Danny was born to a father who was an executive at Ford Motor Company while his other relatives also dealt with cars.

At an early age, he learned how to disband and fix motorcycles and auto cars from scratch to finish, thanks to his father who gifted him with a motorbike with which he practiced and his exposure to mechanical works by his father who was a renowned executive at Ford Motor Company. Aside from being a handy auto mechanic, he was also part of a music band group known as  Count’s 77, where he was a lead vocalist.

In search of a better life, Danny Koker relocated to Las Vegas during the 1980s. There, he started up an automobile restoration shop named Count’s Customs. He featured in some reality TV shows which include Pawn Stars and American Restoration before he decided to float his own car fixing and restoration venture as well as reality TV series known as Counting Cars which first aired in August 2012. The TV show gives a full glimpse of how Danny and his team of workers restore and modify automobiles and bikes.

Other Facts About Danny Koker’s Wife 

She Is A Businesswoman

Korie Koker is not just a wife Danny Koker but his a business partner with her husband. Although Danny founded Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, a rock music bar that offers live entertainments with a professional stage for performers; Korie has long joined the business as a co-owner and partner. She serves in the capacity of an entertainment director. She is a talent buyer and sees to the live music performance schedules in the outlet. Korie has also stated in an interview that her husband trusts her decisions as regards to the business and has always been there for her whenever she is in need of advice.

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Net Worth

For years now Koker has made her living as a media personality, musician and business owner. We are pretty sure she has made some fortune especially from her regular shows and events that are usually crowded at the Count Grills and Bar. However, her net worth is yet to become a piece of public knowledge. While her husband who is a car freak and owns fleets of cars numbering over 58 and 78 motorcycles, his net worth falls within $10 million to $15 million.


Korie characteristic blue eyes blend nicely with her wine red dyed hair and compliment her slender build, with a commendable height of 5 ft 7 (1.89 m). Her weight and other body measurements are not a piece of public knowledge yet.


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