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The Chicago Cubs is a Baseball team that has a long history of wins. However, their success as a team had been tainted with the Curse of the Billy Goat but in 2016, it was broken. One of the players who were on the team and helped break the curse is Kris Bryant, he plays in the position of Third Baseman.

To learn more about this baseball player, including family facts and how much he makes in his career, keep reading.

Kris Bryant’s Bio

Kristopher Lee Bryant was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 4th of January in 1992. All of his childhood was spent in Las Vegas and for high school, he attended Bonanza High School. He graduated from there in 2010, when he was appointed salutatorian. His appointment was for his academic achievements which placed him at second best in his class but he did not give the speech expected of him as another girl wanted to do it really badly and he let her do it, which speaks about the kind of person he is.

His foray into Baseball started in his childhood and while he was at Bonanza, he was part of the school’s team for all of his four years spent at the school. Bryant’s stats for the entirety of his high school sports career was a total of 103 hits, .958 percentage in slugging, home runs at 47 and an average of .418 in batting. Bryant’s gameplay was so impressive that right out of high school, the Toronto Blue Jays expressed their interest in having him on their team, this would have led to the beginning of a professional career in the sport but he chose to go to the University of San Diego instead.

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He continued playing baseball but at the collegiate level at San Diego. During this time, he got much better at his game as a baseball player with obvious improvements in his scores and awards that recognized his brilliance and talent. By the time he was in his junior year, he had broken the record of 30 home runs set by Victor Roache with his 31 home runs, making him the college baseball player with the highest home runs since there was a bat change in 2011.

Kris Bryant’s professional career kicked off in 2013 when the Chicago Cubs picked him during the draft, he was believed to be one of the top players in that year’s draft. His contract with the team was worth $6.7 million. Bryant, however, started his career, playing for the Boise Hawks before playing with the Tennessee Smokies and then finally joining the Cubs in 2015. He has since played with the cubs and played in the final that secured their winning of the Nation League Central division title in 2017.

Bryant has won over ten awards since he started playing this game and it just speaks volumes about how good he is at the game.

Salary And Net Worth

In his time with the Cubs, Kris Bryant’s contract and salary have gone through a number of revisions. He currently earns $10.8 million from the team while his estimated net worth is believed to be $8 million.


Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant and Jessica Delp (image source)

On the 7th of January, 2017, Bryant tied the knot with his girlfriend Jessica Delp. The two had been dating since they were in high school at the age of 16 and got engaged by the end of 2015. The wedding had in attendance, some baseball stars and his teammate Anthony Rizzo was one of his groomsmen.

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Parents And Family

Bryant’s parents are Mike and Sue Bryant and he is their first child and first son, he has a younger brother called Nick. It is safe to say that Kris Bryant gets his talent as a baseball player from his father who used to play the sport as a young man. In the 80s, Mike Bryant was part of the Boston Red Sox team but he only played in the minor leagues.

When Kris was still a child, Mike was determined to see that his son could be great at the sport, so, he chose to sell the patio furniture business he was running and took a job that gave him more time to coach the young lad.

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Kris Bryant’s Height

Kris Bryant stands at a height of  6 feet and 4 inches, which is 1.96 in metres. As a result of his height, he is currently one of the tallest baseball players in the Major Baseball League.

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