Krista Glover
Krista Glover and Husband, Lucas: Image Source

Krista Glover is a seasoned entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is involved in event planning and decoration and recently started an event planning business with her friend in Florida.

Krista is a fashion enthusiast who believes in projecting oneself through dressing. She gained popularity after she became the wife of Lucas Glover – the famous and talented Golf Player. The couple has two children and resides in Jupiter, Florida.

Who Is Krista Glover

She was born Krista Conley Wakefield on the 13th of November 1980. She grew up in Yarmouth, Maine and was very active in sports in high school. She played basketball and was on her high school women’s basketball team. She spent her childhood being a pageant girl and playing sports. She also reveals having the best time in high school and making life long friends with whom she still keeps in touch.

Krista Glover admits that she never got used to the extremely cold winters in Maine so she packed her bags and left for the sunny state of Florida as soon as she could.


Krista has revealed on her website that she used to be a very focused and career-driven person before she met her husband. While the information about the college she went to and what course she studied is unavailable, it is known that she was working at client relation and events planning with PGA Tour when she met her husband. She admits that she became family-oriented after she met her husband and they began having children.

Krista Glover started an events planning outfit with her best friend. Krista also has a keen interest in fashion. Her passion for fashion started early in life which led her to an internship at Liberty – London’s iconic department store where she learned that style goes beyond one’s clothing and more about one’s individual style and the confidence to pull off any kind of clothing.

Krista has a good sense of style and it’s obvious from the way she dresses and carries herself.

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Not much is known about Krista’s family asides the fact that she grew up in the Northeastern (Maine). Names of her parents and siblings, if she has any, isn’t known. However, Krista has shared that she was raised in a good family and was taught good values which she hopes to instill in her children so they can grow up responsible and confident.

Krista Glover’s Husband & Children

Krista met her husband (Lucas Glover) through a mutual friend in 2011. While she was working in events planning on the PGA Tour. They dated for a while and became engaged in June 2012. The pair got married in November of the same year at St. Simons Island. They have two children together – a daughter Cille born in 2013 and a son Luc born in 2015. Krista is a proud mother and describes having her children as the most significant accomplishment of her life.

Alleged Battery Controversy In Their Marriage

The family was staying in a rented apartment in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida while her husband – Lucas played at the tournament in Sawgrass TPC in Ponte Vedra Beach.

It was reported the Krista made a call to the police on May 12th, 2018 that she was being attacked by her mother-in-law (Hershey). Lucas was reported to have cut into the call stating that she has gone crazy.

It was reported that Lucas had played poorly in the player’s championship earlier in the day and Krista Glover, who had been drinking all day, attacked him once he got home calling him a loser. An argument soon ensued and there was an altercation which affected Lucas’s mother when she tried to intervene. When officers reached the scene, they saw that Lucas and his mother had multiple lacerations on their arms. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Krista was getting violent after a loss, Lucas alleges that she pushes him to fire everyone and threatens to leave with the kids and that he will never see them again if he doesn’t win.

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Krista was then arrested and charged with domestic violence (battery) and resisting an officer without violence. Lucas then released a statement that they were fine and working things out. In early 2019, she had agreed to do 25-hour community service and also undergo substance abuse and mental health tests.

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Krista Glover is slim, leggy and blond. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and loves walking as a form of exercise to keep in shape. She has blonde hair.

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