The Highs and Lows of Kristen Ledlow’s Journalism Career and Facts About Her Husband

Kristen Ledlow has definitely made a name for herself as a sports commentator. This respected journalist who started this journey a long time ago has gone on to work with numerous media houses over the last decade. At the moment, she is notable for her appearance on NBA TV as the anchor of NBA Inside Stuff alongside former NBA star, Grant Hill whom she admired prior to working with him.

The vibrant commentator is also known to be a skilled basketball player. She picked an interest in the sports as a child and was on the path of honing her skills as a player before journalism found her.

Kristen Ledlow’s Early Career Goal Was To Play Professional Basketball

Kristen Ledlow was born on January 18th, 1988 in Tallahassee, Florida. She was raised by her parents, Roger and Rita Ledlow, and was brought up alongside her only sister, Lauren Ledlow. Not much is known about her parents or sister as Kristen is a very private person and doesn’t speak much about them. However, it is known that her parents were Christians and they did not fail to instill Christian values into her.

For her education, she attended the Christian Community School and at age 9, she began to play basketball on the school team. Kristen then nursed the idea to be the first woman to play in the NBA at that time. She would then go on to get admitted into the Florida State University to hone her basketball skills.

Her Decision To Attend Southeastern University Redefined Her Career Pursuits

During her time the Florida State, Ledlow was skeptical about the decision to pursue a basketball career as she believed God was leading her into another direction. So she made the decision to move to Southeastern University – which is a private Christian university located in Lakeland, Florida. Although she was filled with so much uncertainty at that time, Ledlow believed that decision helped her to become who she is today.

At Southeastern University, she suddenly realized that the struggles and uncertainties she was facing began to fade as her faith in God matured. More so, she was very successful as a volleyball and basketball player. However, she found her calling when she became part of Southeastern broadcast studio.

Kristen Ledlow learned a lot of things about broadcasting throughout her college days. These opened up opportunities beyond the walls of Southeastern, including several internship offers which contributed to shaping her career as a sportscaster.

More so, it is also known that her time at Southeastern saw her taking an interest in modeling. For someone with an active lifestyle like her, it was not an ordeal as she had a slim physique to pull it off. Impressively, she was crowned Miss Capital City USA at the regional level while emerging in 3rd place at the state level.

She Landed Lucrative Jobs Upon Leaving College

After graduating from college, Kristen immediately delved into her career and began working as an anchor at WTXL-TV where she hosted the Good News Show. At the same time, she worked on radio as an anchor for ESPN Tallahassee and wrote for the Tallahassee Quarterback Club.

Climbing higher the professional ladder, she became a sideline reporter for Florida State Seminoles Football games and eventually became the co-host of The Opening Drive which was featured on CBS Sports Radio.

In 2013, Kristen came under the employment of WZGC where she worked as a host. Some of her colleagues at WZGC included Jason Bailey and Randy Cross. Kristen left WZGC on March 4, 2014, for reasons that are currently unknown.

Kristen Ledlow’s Media Exploits Continued When NBA TV Hired Her In 2015

In 2015, Kristen Ledlow’s exceptional sportscasting talent, which had been noticed by NBA TV, landed her a job at the popular sports broadcasting network. She was undoubtedly thrilled by the idea of being on the NBA TV sportscasting crew. It is also reported that she is the first woman to be employed by NBA TV.

According to Ledlow, the memory of the day she got her job with NBA TV will always be cherished. The budding broadcaster was actually flu-stricken that day and had gone to an Urgent Care Clinic for treatment. At the parking lot of the clinic, she returned a missed call, and to her surprise, it turned out to be from an NBA TV representative who called to inform her that her application has been accepted.

Working on such a national platform is definitely a dream come true for Kristen who had mentioned that she only applied for the job to meet former NBA star, Grant Hill; she currently hosts the show, NBA Inside Stuff with him.

She Is Happily Married To Kyle Anderson

Kristen Ledlow tied the knot with NBA star, Kyle Anderson in December 2018. Her beau is currently playing for the Memphis Grizzlies but he has previously been on other NBA teams such as the San Antonio Spurs and Austin Spurs. He was drafted into the NBA in 2014 and during that time, Kyle recorded outstanding stats which earned him the Third-team All-American – AP, SN (2014) and First-team All-Pac-12 (2014) awards. He was also a very skilled player during his college days as he landed many accolades like the 2012 McDonald’s All-American, Jordan Brand Classic, and First-team Parade All-American awards.

With regards to how Kyle and Kristen’s love blossomed, it is known that Kyle was smitten by Kristen’s playing style during the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Games in which she scored twice. She made headline news for her skills during that season and this caught Kyle’s interest.

So far, the lovebirds who can relate on all levels with their careers, as they are both sports enthusiasts, are living in bliss. They are yet to expand their family but in the meantime, they are actively pursuing their careers.

The Sportscaster Had A Horrible Breakup Experience

Kristen has never been one who publicizes her love life but she took to Twitter in 2015 to give her fans a sneak peek into her personal life. She made it known that she had been in a relationship with a basketball player – but did not mention his name. She then revealed that he abruptly dumped her through a letter.

The sportscaster eventually recovered from the horrible breakup. However, she has not shared whether she had other failed relationships before eventually meeting her husband, Kyle Anderson.

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