Facts That Prove Kristen Schaal Is Magic On Screen and All About Her Husband

Kristen Schaal’s acting career is one that encompasses various mediums. She is recognized for her voice acting and how easily she breathes life into every character she plays. But Schaal was not always a big star and she had little beginnings, little beginnings that set the stage for her to become the big star she is today. 

Born on January 24, 1978, in Longmont, Colorado, the talented actress started her life in the humble environs of her family’s cattle ranch in Colorado and eventually made it to New York after her education in pursuit of greener pastures. She eventually got to where she wanted to be and has not stopped striving to attain greater height in the competitive industry.

The Actress Struggled Before She Got Her Breakthrough

There are various ways people break into the film industry, the most common ways are through commercials or the stage. In the case of Kristen Schaal, the latter facilitated her entry into the world of Hollywood. But Schaal had always had dreams of becoming an actress; when she transferred from UC Boulder to Northwestern University, she tried to get into the theatre department but as a transfer student, she was unable to do so. Out of necessity, she chose to study Performance art. 

For many young artists and theatre performers, the first step for starting a career in acting is moving to New York, it is home to many theatres and the mother of all theatres in modern drama, Broadway. To check this quintessential box, Schaal moved to New York right after she graduated from Northwestern in 2000. 

However, things did not instantly kick-off for the young actress as she did not get her break until five years later in 2005. This happened when she was mentioned in a New York article; the article was published in September of 2005 and it featured 10 upcoming comedic personalities who lived and worked in New York. Schaal was the only female solo act on the list. The article referred to the work she was doing at Peoples Improv Theatre. 

After she was featured in this article, Schaal got the chance to perform at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival of 2006 that was held in Aspen. At the end of the festival, she bagged the award of Best Alternative Comedian. 

Exploring Kristen Schaal’s Notable Works In The Industry

Since her feature in the New York article, Kristen Schaal has gone on to win many more awards for her acting on stage and her stand up comedy. In the same year that the article was published, her improv group at Peoples Improv Theater won the best improv troupe of that year as the Emerging Comics of New York. 2007 saw her win Best Female Stand Up Comedian at the ECNY Awards. 

Schaal’s career has grown beyond the circles of the theatre, improv, and stand up comedy. It has seen her take on voice acting roles. In that capacity, she has worked on Gravity Falls and Bob Burgers; on the former, she voiced Mabel Pines and on the latter, she provided the voice for Louise Belcher.

The Simpsons, WordGirl, American Dad, Despicable Me 2, Shrek Forever After, Bojack Horseman, and Archer are other shows and films where she has voiced characters. 

As an actress, she has appeared in 30 Rock, A Walk in the Woods, Squinters, and many others. The brilliance of Kristen Schaal has spread beyond just acting as she also works as a writer, she is credited with working on the 11th season of South Park as a writer and consultant. 

The Actress Has Been Married Since 2012

Away from the screens, Kristen Schaal has a wonderful family life which is not as loud as her career. The talented actress is married to Rich Blomquist. Rich used to be a staff writer for The Daily Show; he had worked with the crew for up to ten seasons. The exact year Kristen Schaal started dating Rich Blomquist is not known, however, it is believed that the couple met and fell in love with each other when Schaal joined the writers of The Daily Show.

Like his wife, Rich Blomquist has built quite a robust career in the entertainment industry. Blomquist’s career is very much like Schaal’s as he works as a writer and voice actor. He has worked as a staff writer for The Daily Show, winning 6 Emmys in the process. His career also includes his time with Saturday Night Live, where he wrote for Robert Smigel’s segment of the show.

In 2010, Blomquist and Schaal published The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, a parody on sexual activity that they co-wrote. Schaal has revealed that in the process of writing the book, the couple had thought of using pseudonyms but realized that the book would be difficult to promote if they did not use their real names. For Schaal, the thought of using pseudonyms was one that sprung from a little shame as she was not ready to reveal that aspect of her life to the public. 

How Has Their Union Fared Thus Far?

Having started as friends in the same field, combining work and love life has not been a challenge for the couple. Kristen and Rich reportedly tied the knot in 2012, which was two years after they published The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. To the couple, choosing each other has been the best decision they ever made. 

Walking on the same career path and having the same interests has been very helpful to their union. Rich is often seen on the set of his wife’s movies and always supports her; and judging from what is seen on social media, Schaal is more than appreciative of her husband.  

By February of 2018, the couple announced they had given birth to a daughter named Ruby Holly Rose Blomquist. Kristen and Rich’s baby girl came after the couple’s several attempts at IVF and other fertility methods. But after six years of marriage, they welcomed their first baby and couldn’t be more grateful for the addition. 


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