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Kristen Schaal has gained fame working as a comic actress. Her passion for the entertainment industry became more glaring after she moved from her sweet home in Colorado to New York. Today, she is no longer that young lady who left the comfort of her home to seek greener pastures as she has achieved a lot. Apart from building a successful career, she has simultaneously managed to build her home as a wife and mother.  Find out more about her below.

Kristen Schaal’s Bio

Kristen Joy Schaal was born on January 24, 1978, in Longmont Colorado. Her father made ends meet, working for a construction firm and her mother worked as a secretary. She is the second and youngest child of the family, her brother, David, is three years older. She was raised in a staunch religious home and grew up practising most Christian beliefs.

The American actress had her basic educational studies at Skyline High School before proceeding to Northwestern University where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Performance Studies. She is white and comes from an English, German and Dutch heritage.


Kristen Schaal got her name on the lips of many after she left her home in the year 2000 to pursue her career in New York City. Five years after she took that decision, she was listed on the New York Magazine as one of the Top 10 New York Comedians who are likely to make fame in the nearest future. Shortly after that, she landed a role with the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival.

Her performances on HBO earned her the Best Alternative Comedian Award. That same year she also emerged as the holder of the Andy Kaufman Award and the Best Female Standup Comedian at the 2007 ECNY Awards. Moreso, in 2006, she was also featured on a season of the Comedy Central show – Live at Gotham. She also co-hosted the weekly variety show Hot Tub in Los Angeles.

Apart from her performances on stage and open-air platforms, she has appeared in a lot of other movies and television shows including Kate and LeopoldLaw & Order: Special Victims UnitDeliriousFreak ShowConvictionCirque du Freak: The Vampire’s AssistantUgly Betty, The Last Man on Earth, to mention a few. With the intents of telling the world about her sex life, she co-wrote a book The Sexy Book Of Sexy Sex, alongside her husband.


Kristen Schaal is married to Rich Blomquist. The two dated for a long time before deciding to tie the knot sometime in November 2012. The wedding ceremony which took place at 142-room Stanley Hotel in Colorado was a large one that included both humans and animals in attendance. It was one of the funniest yet organized wedding ceremony ever in history. Inquisitive reporters who were present at the occasion couldn’t hide their emotions about the presence of animals on the couples big day. It was later revealed that the bride said that her husband was a lover of animals and they both believed animals bring good luck. Their union is blessed with a daughter named Ruby born in February 2018.

Kristen Schaal
Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist

Rich Blomquist shares the platform of fame with his wife, working as an entertainer. He worked with the Daily Show and has gathered six Emmy award since he started with the crew. He has also played his shots with the Saturday Night live crew for their show TV Funhouse.

Is She Related To Wendy Schaal?

Wendy Schaal is an American actress know for her several voice roles in movies and television series. She was born to Richard Schaal and Lois. She is also a step daughter to Valerie Harper. Wendy and Kristen both share the same surname but there are no records linking their roots as one. We beg to conclude that it is merely coincidental, despite the fact that the two share the same passion, they are not related.

Other Facts

  • Body Stats

Kristen Schaal is a beauty in her own way, she is not among the very tall celebrities in Hollywood but with a height of 5 feet 8 inches; she is counted as an average height women in the industry. She weighs 57 kg and measures 32, 24, 34 for her bust, waist and hips respectively.

  • Net worth

The comic actress’ career started at a very good pace and has grown to an immeasurable height. Her current net worth falls within $5 million.

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  • The Simpson’s Apology
Kristen Schaal
Gag Apology

The producers of the popular animated series; The Simpson wrote Kristen Schaal an apology in the episode, Homer Scissor Hands after the producers misspelled her name.

All for the fun of it, they issued a very special type of apology where the animated character Bart wrote the apology on a chalkboard reading “It’s Kristen Schaal, not Kristen Schall.”

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