Unusual Facts About Kristin Fisher’s Parents, Family and Her Rise To Prominence at Fox News

Popular Fox News correspondent, Kristin Fisher, may have been born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth but she was always determined to make it in life on her own merits. That determination made her choose and pursue a course of study very different from what her parents did. It also sustained her all throughout the hard days where she paid her dues at various local TV stations across the United States including KJCT-LP and WUSA-TV.

Kristin has now made it to the major networks and has continued to fly the flag of excellence. As the White House correspondent for Fox News, she has a front-row seat to everything happening in the current Trump presidency. Kristin Fisher continues to forge ahead and is now on the list of renowned journalists who have worked hard to make Fox News a recognized media organization.

Getting Her Start At Various Local Affiliates In Colorado And Arkansas

Kristin Anne Fisher first entertained the notion of becoming a broadcast journalist when she was just 10 years old. Captivated by media coverage of space shuttle launches as well as the Gulf War, she proceeded to Boston University where she studied communications. During her school days, Fisher covered the 2004 Democratic National Convention for a local Arkansas station. She also interned at the NBC News London bureau. All these helped her accumulate a collection of tapes that she sent to prospective employers upon graduation.

One of those prospects was a TV station, KJCT-LP, based in Grand Junction, Colorado and they offered Fisher her very first job. This was in July 2005 and the young journalist spent several months with the ABC-affiliated outfit during which she primarily served as a general assignment reporter, covering the controversial fracking process as well as the issue of substance abuse. She also anchored a few programs during the weekend shift. After approximately 11 months with KJCT-LP, Kristin Fisher bade farewell to her colleagues and moved to the town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

There, she joined yet another ABC-affiliate TV station known as KATV. Fisher remained at the station from June 2006 to December 2008 during which she continued her beat as a general assignment reporter. She covered several notable events including the 2008 presidential race. Kristin Fisher was so passionate about the election that she convinced her bosses to allow her run a one-man operation where she did all the reporting, filming, and editing by herself. This was quite tasking but Fisher loved every moment of it and would continue that style for several years to come.

Moving Out To And Making A Home In Washington D.C.

Kristin Fisher
Fisher interviewing VP Pence: Image Source

Having garnered much experience and exposure as a broadcaster, Kristin Fisher moved to Washington D.C. in the summer of 2009. There, she was hired by a CBS-affiliate known as WUSA-TV and went on to spend four years working for them. She continued her one-man-band reporting technique and covered a variety of stories. She also did a bi-weekly segment called Heroes in the Greater Washington Community. The series featured charitable people, such as groups that work to help sex workers, and it fetched her a regional Emmy award in 2010.

Kristin Fisher ultimately had a really productive time at WUSA-TV. She, however, remained unsatisfied as she itched to focus primarily on political reporting. When the opportunity wouldn’t present itself, Kristin took the bull by the horns and went freelance. She spent the next two years contributing reports for ABC and CBS affiliate news services. She also utilized all the editing and filming skills she had developed during her one-man operations to set up a documentary film company known as Field Mouse Films. The company produces docu-style videos for corporate clients such as Uber and Starwood Hotels and Resort.

Kristin Fisher’s Exploits As Fox News’ White House Correspondent – Travelling And Sparring With The President

With such a high level of professionalism and enterprise shown in her previous jobs, the attention of Fox News and other leading news networks were drawn to Kristin Fisher and she joined Fox News as their DC bureau general assignment reporter in 2015. She has since grown to the position of White House correspondent. In this role, she mostly covers White House-related news as well as other developments in Congress.

Fisher covered the explosive 2016 presidential elections. She also reported from the G-20 summit in Germany in 2017 and has personally interviewed the vice president, Mike Pence. Arguably the biggest task of Fisher’s career was when she was selected as part of a small contingent that would accompany President Donald Trump for a day trip to Afghanistan. The whole trip required Fisher to undertake several secret service protocols but it was all worth it as she got to ask the president several questions.

Given such high-profile assignments, Fisher has grown to cherish her job but this does not mean that there has not been down days. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, she challenged the president about the delay in test results across the nation. The president took offense at this and chided her for asking a question he termed horrid. Fisher, however, took all this in stride as she remains focused on her job which she considers a public service.

Meet The Two Astronauts Who Gave Birth To Kristin Fisher

Kristin Fisher
Fisher and her parents on air: Image Source

Kristin Fisher is quite the overachiever and this does not come as a surprise given the accomplished family that she hails from.

The Fox News reporter is the daughter of two retired, history-making NASA astronauts known as Dr. Fredrick Fisher and Dr. Anna Lee Fisher. Kristin’s father, Dr. Fredrick Fisher, first qualified as an emergency medical physician from Stanford before going on to join NASA in 1980. He spent 12 years with the organization during which he went on a space flight in 1985. During the flight, he embarked on two spacewalks and this saw him make history as the longest spacewalk at that time.

Kristin’s mother, Dr. Anna Lee Fisher, also qualified as an emergency physician from UCLA and joined NASA in 1979. She made history as one of the first women to be selected by the organization. She also made history as the first mother to travel to space in 1984. Dr. Anna Lee Fisher retired from NASA in 2017.

Kristin is not the only high-flyer that her parents gave birth to. The lovely news anchor has an elder sister named Kara Lynne Fisher who holds an MBA.

How She And Her Husband Went From Long-Term Friends To Marriage

The award-winning correspondent has a man in her life that adores her and brings the best out of her. That man is none other than Walker Harrison Forehand. Her husband, Walker Forehand, is a career man who serves as the director of a consulting firm known as Promontory Financial Group. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia.

Kristin Fisher first met her future husband in the summer of 2003 in Athens, Greece. They were both part of the same study-abroad program and they immediately hit it off as friends. That friendship eventually morphed into a passionate romance but the couple wisely let each other go after the six-week-program ended.

Kristin Fisher
The couple on their wedding day: Image Source

The pair both returned to the States and continued their respective lives, only sharing a few texts and emails each year. They, however, reconnected after Kristin found a job in Washington in 2009. The development made Forehand realize that he had never fallen out of love with her and he made his intentions known. Luckily, Kristin felt the same way and they carried on from where they left off many years earlier. The duo dated for a year before Forehand popped the big question just before Kristin’s birthday in 2010.

For the engagement, he had her sent on a fake reporting assignment to one of her favorite places, the U.S. Botanical Garden, where he popped the question and she said yes. The couple got married in 2011 at the Church of the Holy City in Washington D.C in the presence of family and close friends. After six years of marriage, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Clara Fisher Forehand who was born on December 19, 2017. The couple is living happily in their Washington D. C. home with their lovely daughter.

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