Kristina Sunshine Jung – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About George Jung’s Daughter

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of George Jung, one of America’s most notorious drug smugglers during the ’70s and early ’80s who worked with a Colombian drug organization known as the Medellin Cartel. Kristina gained public attention in 2001 following the release of the 2001 Oscar-nominated film Blow, which centers on her father.

Born on August 1, 1978, Kristina Sunshine Jung was welcomed to George and Mirtha Jung’s family. Her dad, George Jung is an avid drug dealer whose name is well written in American’s black book. She grew up watching her parents occasionally get jailed and also made frequent visits to them on several occasions.

For her father’s deeds, Kristina became a popular figure but also got her trumpet blown when the movie; Blow was released as the movie was based on her father’s lifestyle. In the movie, Emma Roberts portrayed Kristina’s character.

Well, there is a splatter of information available as regards to George’s personality but there are only a few facts with regards to his daughter; Kristina Sunshine Jung. Here are seven intriguing facts about the drug lord’s daughter.

What To Know About George Jung’s Daughter

1. Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Relationship With Her Father

Bonding with her father was quite difficult as since her growing up, her father was well enveloped with his drug activities as well as serving several jail terms. He was barely a father figure. This resulted in a huge breach in their relationship; she, then stopped visiting him in jail.

However, George, on the other hand, was determined to put things rights between them and he worked towards it even while in prison. Before his release, Kristina was reported to have visited and had phone calls with him. Upon his release in 2014, they’ve been sighted together and are believed to have sorted out their differences.

2. Kristina Sunshine Jung Owns A Business With Her Father

Unlike her parents, Jung has taken to becoming a businesswoman in a legal way. Sources have it that she, alongside her father, ventured into a family clothing business named George Boston Apparel and Merchandise. Kristina has managed the trade well and from it has amassed a net worth of $150,000 as of our last review.

3. She Is A Writer And Poet

Apart from thriving in business, Kristina Sunshine Jung has been described severally as writer and poet whose works are mostly on social media and so far she has no known published book. Though she is said to be occupied with a book about her mother which she intends to release in the near future.

3. Is Kristina Sunshine Jung Married?

There have been several rumors about Kristina Sunshine Jung’s romantic life. She is said to have tied the nuptial cord with Romain Karan. However, none of them have said anything about the allegation and have also kept their private lives away from the public. There are no known facts about the couple but it has been gathered that they share a daughter named Athena Romina.

Kristina Jung
Kristina Jung and her father

4. The Film About Kristina’s Father – Blow

A film centered on the drug dealings of George Jung, his family as well as other drug pushers was made in 2001. The film was adapted from a book with similar title and content. In the movie, actress Emma Roberts depicted the role of Kristina Sunshine Jung while Jonny Depp featured as George Jung. Other casts include Penelope Cruz (Mirtha Jung), Cliff Curtis (Pablo Escobar), and Ray Liotta (Fred Jung) among others. The film which was made with a budget of $53 million and made $83.3 million in the Box office.

5. Her Father’s Imprisonment (Blow vs Real Life Scenario)

Following his arrest in 1994, George Jung was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment. In the film Blow, it ended sadly as Kristina never saw her father in prison. On the other hand in real life, she began to build a bond with the ex-drug lord and has gone to see him as well as made several phone calls with him before he was set free in 2014 following the reduction of his sentence after making a testimony in court.

6. Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Books

Aforementioned, the drug market of George Jung was a large and international one, hence his story got a lot of attention. Aside from the film and the book (‘Recovery from Blow: Behind the Scenes of the Movie, Blow’) the drug lord’s life has also been depicted in some other books like Al Cimino book titled ‘Drug Wars: The Blood Reign of Mexican Cartels’, and a William Rodriguez-Abadia book termed ‘Yo Soy El Hiro Del Cartel De Cali’.

7. Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Height and Body Measurement

Being a very reserved lady, Kristina Sunshine Jung could earn a medal with keeping secrets but can conceive the fact that she is a beautiful woman with a good fashion sense. Though she has never spoken as regards her beauty; as they say, beauty is never hidden. She has a perfect poise standing at 5 feet 5 inches. Details of her other body measurements like her weight, bust, waist, and hips measurements have not been disclosed.


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