Krix Beeble – Everything To Know About Giorgio Tsoukalos’ Wife

Krix Beeble is the wife of Giorgio Tsoukalos, a Swiss-born writer, TV presenter, and producer known for the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. Krix Beeble and Giorgio Tsoukalos got married in 2013 and have no children.

Who Is Krix Beeble?

Krix Beeble was born on the 8th day of January, her birth year and place are, however, not available in the media. She is American by nationality. She is precisely from Coral Springs, Florida and attended the SAIL High School in Tallahassee. After high school, she enrolled at the CORE Institute School of Somatic Therapy, also in Tallahassee, Florida.

On completing her schooling, however, Krix Beeble settled for glass artistry and jewelry creation. Meanwhile, the American lady is yet to disclose to the media how and when she acquired her expertise. Whatever the case, Beeble makes different kinds of unique ornaments (including necklaces, rings, bracelets, talisman, pendants, and so on) from (borosilicate) glass, metal, leather, stones, and some other materials.

In 2006, she established Krix Beeble Creations, an art workshop where she produces and displays her numerous wonders for sale. Meanwhile, the beautiful creative lady went about her business without notice until she got hitched to the Ancient Aliens star and producer, Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Krix Beeble married Giorgio Tsoukalos on the 10th day of March 2013. The couple is yet to have kids. Meanwhile, Krix and Giorgio’s wedlock is a blissful one devoid of controversies, separation rumors, and other common marital issues. The duo lives in Los Angeles, California.

Other Facts About Giorgio Tsoukalos Wife

Krix Beeble and Giorgio A. Tsuokalos
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1. Krix Beeble and Giorgio Tsoukalos Relationship/Marital Life

Beeble and Tsoukalos are both very supportive of each other, including in their individual careers. As earlier hinted, Krix buys into her husband’s belief in aliens, despite not being a proponent of the notion herself. Her handiworks are also sometimes inspired by things related to the universe such as her galactic trigonal chandelier earrings and domed universe ring. She also accompanies her husband to most of his programs and lectures.

On the other hand, Giorgio greatly patronizes his wife’s art creations. He often appears on TV sporting some of her unique artifacts; from necklaces to bracelets.

2. Her Husband Has Since Become a Meme; and He Loves It 

It’s no overstatement if one says that Giorgio Tsoukalos has become a live internet meme. His face has appeared on innumerable photos littered on the web, which are mostly aimed at mocking his alien stance. However, unlike some other personalities who get disturbed on seeing their own memes, Giorgio rather loves his. He sees it as a welcome development – a proof of success as well as a show of a loving fan base.

3. The Secret Behind Hubby’s Hairstyle Revealed!

Aside his ancient alien expos, another thing that attracts attention to Krix Beeble’s husband is his outstandingly unconventional hairdo. At first sight, one might be wondering how come a guy got such offshoots of spiky strands growing on his head; but no, Giorgio Tsoukalos’s hair didn’t just come forth on their own. The Ancient Aliens guy actually revealed in an interview that his hilariously unique hairstyle is a product of styling. The alien dude said he applies a plethora of hair sprays to get what he has.

4. Krix Beeble on Social Media

Krix is very active across social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She mostly uses her social media accounts as platforms for promoting both her creations and her husband’s shows and programs. Some of her ad posts on Fb often borrow words from alien and extraterrestrial stuffs.

5. She Loves to Keep it Low

Beeble doesn’t quite fancy the spotlight. She’s one of those ladies who prefer to live their lives away from the cameras. Despite having a famous husband, the jewelry designer prefers to keep a low profile. Among her hobbies are hairstyling, listening to music, and watching movies, especially ones that have to do with aliens.


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