Krysten Ritter
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Krysten Ritter is one of America’s most accomplished and skilled actress. She has also served her audience as a model and also as a musician. The actress became a person of interest for so many other roles after featuring as Jane Margolis on the television series, Breaking Bad. Since then, she has gotten both bigger and smaller roles in both movies and television series. Ritter has built her career to a successful height and the following are the things you should know about her.

Age, Early Life, and Rise to Fame

The actress was born in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1981. She spent her early days at Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, where she lived with her mom, stepfather, and sister – Baily. Krysten is of a mixed ethnicity; yeah, she’s of German, Scottish, and English descent.

Krysten Ritter started out as a model after she graduated from Northwest Area High School. She started her modeling career registering with the Elite Model Management agency when she was 15. She worked with them briefly before moving to join the Wilhelmina Models where her fame skyrocketed, leading her to be the face of so many commercials.

Her style as a model was not limited to ads and runways. She also featured in music videos. Krysten graced a perfect appearance in Whitney Houston video, Could I have This Kiss Forever (1999) and in Sevendust’s Waffle (1999). After that, she thought it wise to try out a music career and joined a music band named Ex Vivian. With the band, she served as a guitarist and of course, she also had a killer voice.

Krysten Ritter’s audition for the Dr pepper Commercials brought up the idea of being an actress. She felt so delightful seeing an audience appreciate her for her acts, so she dived into acting and wasted no time in landing her first role in the movie, Someone Like You in 2001. With her performance in that movie, she got yet another similar role in the movie, Mona Lisa Smile (2003). She subsequently appeared in other movies like  All this Intimacy (2006), The Last International Playboy (2008), What Happens in Vegas (2008), 27Dresses (2008), Slingshot (2014), Bis Eyes (2014), Veronica Mars (2014)to mention a few.

Apart from getting big roles in movies, Krysten Ritter has also portrayed more than a few characters in tv series like Jonny Zero, Gilmore Girls, Till Date, Law&Order, The Bedford Diaries, Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23, Gossip Girl, How To Make Love To A Woman, etc.

Her Net Worth

Career-wise, Krysten Ritter has enough sources of income. She has been earning a good fortune of wealth as an actress, a model, and a musician. As at the time of this writing, she is estimated to be worth $7 million. Considering the fact that she is very much active in the industry, the figure is bound to increase in the nearest future.

Krysten Ritter Parents

Krysten Ritter was born in a home where love was displayed at ease until trouble started between her parents (Garry Ritter and Kathi Taylor), leading to a divorce. Her mom, Kathi moved out of their home and found love again with a man who would later become Krysten’s stepfather.

Till date, there are no plenty pieces of information about her stepfather and biological father, but she sure shares a tight bond with her mom.

Boyfriend, Who Is She Dating?

Despite her calm and reserved looks, you’d always catch a glimpse of her unique beauty and, there’s no doubt that she has a lot of admirers. Her first publicized relationship was with a man named Brian Geraghty, the two dated for two years (2011-2013) before they called it quits.

Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel
Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel: Image Source

Currently, she’s in love with one of her kind in the music world, Adam Granduciel. Adam is well known for his skills in playing the guitar and as a singer. Also, he has buttressed his entertainment career working as a record producer. Even though the two haven’t made any move towards getting married, they share a large part of their heart together.

Krysten Ritter’s Height

Krysten Ritter wears a long shiny black hair and has maintained a slim figure over the years. With a height of 5 feet 9 inches, it is right to categorize her as one of the very tall women in the entertainment world. Her body carriage depicts so much elegance and with a perfect weight of 57 kg, it is not wrong to conclude that the damsel is quite in charge of her body. She measures 33, 23, and 35 inches respectively for her bust, waists, and hips.

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