KTTC Admission Requirements and Fee Structure

Established in 1978, Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC) is a government-owned institution established under the Ministry of Education to provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to persons who desire to work under various sectors of the economy as well as for those who wish to teach in technical institutions. Alot has changed since then, especially as regards who attends the school and the KTTC Admission Requirements.

In the beginning, a good majority of staff at the KTTC were majorly expatriates until the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) took it upon itself to train Kenyans in Canadian Universities. By 1993, about 135 Kenyans had effectively replaced the Canadian teaching staff at the institution. The college has since witnessed tremendous expansion in terms of the number of courses offered, student enrollment, and graduation.

This article will give information on all you need to know about KTTC admission requirements and their fee structure for local and international students.

What Are The General KTTC Admission Requirements?

KTTC offers a variety of courses ranging from Education to Engineering, Computer studies, Entrepreneurship, English, and a lot more. To be admitted to study any of these courses, interested applicants must have met the specific requirements specified by the faculty or departments they seek admissions into. However, there are other general requirements anyone seeking admission into the institution must possess to make the cut.

Teacher’s Education Programs

To be admitted to study any teacher’s related course or program, applicants must possess the following:

  • C + (Plus) in KCSE and a C+ in relevant subjects you want to undertake
  •  Higher diploma in any relevant field of specialization

Non-Teacher Education Programs

For non-teacher education-related courses, applicants must possess the following:

  • C- in KCSE with passes in relevant subjects.
  • If upgrading from craft to diploma, applicants must have a KCSE mean grade of D+ and a craft certificate.
  • For craft certificate courses, applicants need a KCSE mean grade of D+ and above.
  • Applicants for Diploma in Electrical Engineering must have a mean grade of D+ plus a craft certificate in Electrical Engineering.
  • For Higher Diploma courses, interested applicants must have a KNEC diploma in related fields.
  • To qualify to undertake a non-teacher program, applicants should have a diploma or certificate in related fields.

KTTC Admission Requirements For Different Courses

KTTC Admission Requirements
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Institutional Management (Foods & Beverages)

If you desire to pursue a diploma in Institutional Management (Foods and Beverages), you will require:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent plus the Diploma/TEP Diploma from a recognized institution.

Computer Studies

For a diploma in computer studies, applicants will have to possess:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent plus a KNEC Diploma in Computer Studies or Information Technology from a recognized


Accounting applicants should possess:

  • KCSE’C’ Plain or equivalent plus C.P.A II or Diploma in Accounting.

Information Studies

To study Information Studies, applicants should possess:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent plus Diploma in Information Studies from recognized institutions.

Diploma in Information Studies (Six Term Course)

For a diploma in Information Studies (six-term course), applicants should possess:

  • KCSE(C-), with C- in English/Kiswahili and any other Social Science OR Craft Course in Information Science/Studies

Business Administration

To study Business Administration, applicants should have:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent with good passes in English, Maths plus Diploma in Business Administration from a recognized institution.
  • Note that Holders of Higher Diploma in Business Administration will have an added advantage.

Institutional Management (Clothing Technology)

To be admitted into Institutional Management (Clothing Management), applicants require:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent plus the Diploma/TEP from recognized institutions in Clothing Technology.

Co-operative Management

Applicants must have KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent with good passes in English and Maths plus a Diploma in Co-operative Management from recognized institutions to be admitted.

Supplies Management

Supplies Management applicants must possess KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent with good passes in English and Maths plus Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management from recognized institutions.

Building Construction/Civil Engineering/Water Engineering/Quantity Survey/Architecture

To be offered admission into any of the above departments, applicants should have:

  • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent with good passes in Mathematics, English and science subjects.
  • Ordinary Diploma/TEP Diploma in Building Construction/Civil Engineering/Water Engineering/Quantity Survey/Architecture.
  • Technical subjects taken at KCSE will be an added advantage.

Electrical Engineering

  • Applicants seeking admission to study Electrical Engineering should possess KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent plus Diploma in Electronics/Electrical Engineering.
  • However, note that preference will be given to holders of Higher Diploma in Electronics/Electrical Engineering.
  • TSC employees will have an added advantage.

Mechanical Engineering (Automotive and Production)

To be admitted to study Mechanical Engineering (Automatic and Production) at KTCC, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • KCSE ‘C+’ or its equivalent.
  • Diploma or Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering or
  • Diploma or Higher Diploma in Production Engineering or
  • Technician III (either Automotive or Production Engineering)

 Secretarial Studies

To be admitted into Secretarial Studies, applicants must meet the following requirements:

      • KCSE ‘C’ Plain or equivalent with good passes in English.
      •  KNEC Stage II passes in Commerce, Office Practice and Secretarial Duties.
      •  KNEC Stage III passes in Shorthand, Typing, Office Management & Business English.

Diploma In Sales and Marketing (Modular)

For a sales and marketing diploma, applicants should possess KCSE Mean grade C with a minimum of Grade C- in Mathematics and English. They should have passed relevant craft courses in Sales and Marketing.

Diploma In Entrepreneurship (School-Based)

To be considered for admission into this department, applicants must possess:

  • KCSE Minimum C Plain in English, Kiswahili, and any Social Science OR
  • Relevant Craft course in Business Administration OR equivalent qualifications as determined by KNEC.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Production/Automotive Option – 3 Year Programme Modular September Admissions

Applicants must have KCSE ‘C’ plain and above with a minimum of C+ grade in Mathematics, Physics, and English to be offered admission.

Diploma In Information Communication Technology (January Admissions – 2 Years)

For admission to study Information Communication, applicants should have KCSE ‘C’ plain and above with a minimum of C Plain in Mathematics, Physics and English.

Diploma In Electrical Engineering (Power) – Full-Time January Admissions 

The requirement to study Electrical Engineering Power Option is KCSE ‘C’ plain and above with a minimum of C- grade in Mathematics & Physics.

Diploma In Building & Civil Engineering Full Time – January Admissions 

Applicants will need to possess KCSE ‘C’ plain and above with a minimum of C- grade in Mathematics & Physics to be offered admission to study Building & Civil engineering

Diploma In Agriculture (Module II &III) School-Based (Holidays Admission August) 

To be admitted into this program, applicants must possess:

  •  Craft Certificate in General Agriculture
  • Module I

Higher Diploma In Entrepreneurship Development (Six Term Course) – January  Admissions/(School-Based) December Admissions

Applicants must be diploma holders from recognized institutions.

NOTE: Candidates are to indicate the option applied for.

Higher Diploma In Electrical Engineering (Seven Term Course)  September Admission (Evening Classes Start In January) 

Applicants should possess TEP Diploma in Electrical Engineering

NB: Candidates are to indicate the option applied for.

Higher Diploma In Mechanical Engineering – August Admission  (School-Based) Admission – 6 Holidays 

Options: – Production/Plant/Automotive

Applicants should have

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Technician III

Higher Diploma In Education Management – School-Based Modular Course – April, August & Distant Learning 

Applicants should possess a diploma in Teacher Education/Degree from recognized institutions.

Higher Diploma In Library & Information Management (Modular) – August (Holiday Programme) 

Applicants should possess a KNEC Diploma in Information Science (Studies)

Higher Diploma In Archives and Records Management, Library & Information Management (Modular) – August (Holiday Programme) 

KNEC Diploma in Information Science (Studies) is a requirement for applicants in this field.

Applicants should, however, note that they are to indicate the option they are applying for.

Instructor Training Course – Part I (One-Term Each – August – Modular); Part II August Intake (Modular) one month per module during holidays

Applicants are to possess:

  • Recognized technical and vocational qualifications.
  •  KCSE pass or equivalent.

NB: This course is suitable for candidates working in commerce and industries, youth polytechnics, and other vocational training institutions.

KTTC Fee & Payment Structure

KTTC fees are structured to be paid termly or by modular depending on the program you are running and its structure. It isn’t confirmed if students can pay their fees one-off to cover the number of sessions, terms, modular or year their courses will last. However, payments are most often made per term or by modular.

The fees have been structured in such a way that students know what they are expected to pay per session/term/modular until they are done with their program. This is commendable as it helps students to plan their fees ahead of time, especially for students who are or will be sponsoring themselves through school. To access this fee structure, simply click here

Note, however, that the school does not accept cash or personal cheques. All payments are to be made via a banker’s cheque or a deposit to either of the following College Bank Accounts:

  • Name: KTTC Fee Collection
  • Bank: Cooperative Bank of Kenya Limited
  • Branch: Gigiri
  • Account: 01129070020900
  • Bank Code 11035
  • Swift Code KCOOKENA Swift Code


  • Name: KTTC Fee Collection
  • Bank: Equity Bank Limited
  • Branch: Gigiri
  • Account 0470294164642
  • Bank Code 68047

Is KTTC Open To International Students?

KTTC Admission Requirements
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Although the school is said to be open to students of all races and colors, it is uncertain if they are currently taking international students. For this reason, there are no stated requirements for students applying from outside the country on the institution’s website. This could be a result of the fact that the Kenyan government established the institution to train personnel that will fit into the government’s already established sectors.

For further inquiries on whether international students can be admitted into the institution at the moment, the college can be reached via the details below:

KTTC Contact Details
P. O. Box 44600-00100.
Tel. 0707444222/0786444600
Email[email protected]

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