New App Will Let You Know When You Smell

It can be really hard to tell when you smell because your nose may not let you know that you emitting any kind of scent; it is often true that you can’t smell your own smell.

Other people are often not going to tell you that you smell too, body odor can be such a taboo subject. People do not feel comfortable discussing it and when it is discussed it can cause a lot of hurt to the affected party.

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Still, it is necessary to know when you smell so that you can take the appropriate steps to correct whatever you may be missing or getting wrong with your hygiene that has caused the problem.

The tight spaces of a bus can show you just how big the body odor problem can get especially when the heat makes a lot of people sweaty and smells can result when sweat dries up on a body.

A new app is looking to solve all these real body odor worries. A Japanese tech company Konica Minolta is making a device to measure smelliness.

kunkun body

The device will measure your smelliness in four parts of your body: your feet, your armpits, around your head, and behind your ears. After that, it will connect to the smartphone app through Bluetooth and let you know whether “immediate care is needed”.

Kunkun body, the name of the device, was coined from the Japanese word for sniff. It was born out of a conversation between Konica Minolta colleagues about their worries regarding the intense summer heat and the ensuing smell they developed.

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Realizing that the worry did not yet have a solution, they set about providing it. They began researching and came up with Kunkun Body. Unfortunately, it is only being sold in Japan for now but if it catches on fast, it may soon be a useful tool in all parts of the world.