Who Is Kyla Kenedy, What Is She Best Known For and Why Do Fans Think She Had a Nose Job?

Speechless star, Kyla Kenedy, has appeared in several highly-acclaimed projects and has portrayed diverse roles, both comedic and dramatic. She has also received several award nominations, out of which she has won a few, all in the course of her relatively young career. This young actress definitely has the makings of a future Hollywood star but she has not been able to escape the controversies that come with the industry.

For the past few years, Kyla Kenedy has been hounded by claims that she has used plastic surgery to alter a particular part of her face. That rumor has lingered for several years now and the actress has refused to directly address it. Fans, however, continue to speculate about it with her well-wishers hoping that her career does not fall victim to the Jennifer Grey syndrome.

Getting Her Start In The Industry At The Age Of Eight

Kyla Kenedy White was born on the 4th of February 2003 in Charleston, South Carolina. While there are not many specific details about her family background, the teen star has, however, disclosed that she has a special needs elder sister. According to the actress, her elder sister suffered a brain bleed during birth and it affected some of her capabilities. Thankfully, she is now all grown up and is living an independent life.

Kyla Kenedy, who grew up in Charleston, fell in love with acting when she was just a child. She badgered her mother into letting her pursue an acting career and her supportive mother assured her that she could do so once she was able to get roles. An 8-year-old Kyla immediately got to work and was able to land spots in print ads for companies such as Macy’s and Hertz. She subsequently left Charleston for Atlanta in search of better opportunities.

In Atlanta, Kyla Kenedy busied herself by appearing in several commercials. Her talent immediately shone through and she was able to land her first movie role. She then did several other projects in Atlanta before deciding to move to Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Kyla Kenedy’s Award-Winning Performances In ‘Raising Izzie’ And ‘Love Is All You Need?’

Kyla Kenedy
A young Kenedy (right) in Raising Izzie: Image Source

Kyla Kenedy made her debut film appearance in the 2012 thriller, The Yellow Wallpaper. Since then, she has appeared in other movies such as The Three Stooges, Hidden Away, Reality, A Gift Horse, Love is all You Need? and Raising Izzie. Raising Izzie is a touching film about two orphaned girls, Gertie and Izzie, who are taken in and raised by their teacher. Kenedy played the role of Izzie and her performance earned her the award for Best Lead Young Actress in a TV movie, miniseries or special, at the 2013 Young Artist Awards.

Another notable work that Kyla Kenedy has featured in is the 2016 drama – Love is all You Need? The movie is a set in a reversed fictional world where homosexuality is the norm while heterosexuality is reviled. In the film, Kenedy plays the role of Emily, a young girl who is harassed because she is attracted to a boy. Her performance in the movie earned her the Best Actress Award at the 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival.

‘The Walking Dead’ And ABC’s ‘Speechless’ Made Her Famous 

Kyla Kenedy
Kenedy (right) and her Walking Dead co-star, Brighton Sharbino: Image Source

Kyla Kenedy’s career has not been restricted to just feature films. She has also appeared in several TV shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Doc McStuffins, The New Normal, The Night Shift, Speechless, and The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a popular AMC series about a group of human beings who survive a zombie apocalypse; they, thus, try to stay alive under the constant threat of attack from the undead. In the series, Kenedy plays the role of Mika, a compassionate girl who is reluctant about taking human life. She portrayed the character in a total of seven episodes before being killed off by her on-screen sister, Lizzie. That murder scene was one of the most emotional and controversial episodes on the show and it helped to make Kenedy a breakout star of the series.

Another TV series that Kyla Kenedy is well known for is the ABC sitcom, Speechless. Speechless chronicles the efforts of a very determined mother, Maya, to find the right school for her special needs son named JJ. The series featured Minnie Driver as Maya while Kyla Kenedy portrayed her youngest child named Dylan. Dylan is quite a champion athlete but her exploits are often overlooked as all the attention is focused on JJ. This often leaves her embittered but she still tries to be understanding.

Kyla Kenedy
Kenedy with her TV family in Speechless: Image Source

Speechless debuted in 2016 and ran for three years during which it received overwhelmingly positive reviews; it had a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 79 on Metacritic. It also attracted millions of viewers each week and won the 2017 Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming. Despite these exploits, the show was axed by ABC. This saddened a lot of fans and many have been calling for it to be revived, a call that has been re-echoed by Kenedy herself.

How Kyla Kenedy’s Rumored Nose Job May Impact Her Career

Kyla Kenedy has a naturally sloped nose. However, in 2019, many fans took to the internet to point out that she now had a cute button nose which must have been the result of plastic surgery. A whole Reddit thread was dedicated to the conversation. While some fans criticized the Speechless star for touching up her nose, others acknowledged the fact that she may have done it to conform to Hollywood’s definition of beauty in order to further her career. Some others, however, choose to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that maybe the nose job was due to a medical condition.

Kenedy herself has yet to respond to these rumors and as such, the rumors of a nose job remain unconfirmed. Her fans are now hoping that her career does not suffer from the Jennifer Grey syndrome. For those who do not know, Jennifer Grey is a popular American actress who portrayed the iconic role of Baby in the unforgettable film, Dirty Dancing. She later had a nose job that dramatically altered her looks and it is believed that this contributed to the decline in her acting career.

Fans are hoping that this will not be the case with Kyla and it seems they have nothing to fear as the Charleston native continues to land roles steadily. Kyla is set to appear in an upcoming yet-unnamed NBC comedy in 2020. The series will also feature the likes of Ted Danson and Holly Hunter. Ted will portray the lead role of a rich businessman who becomes the Mayor of L.A. while Hunter will play the liberal councilwoman who is disdainful of him. Kenedy will play Danson’s headstrong teenage daughter. The series was created by Tina fey and Robert Carlock.

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