Kyla Weber – Bio, Age, Facts about the realtor and Vince Vaughn’s Wife

Kyla Weber is a realtor, a Canadian brunette and a woman who won the heart of the multitalented and award-winning actor, producer, scriptwriter, and a comedian, Vince Vaughn. Though she is not one of the most popular persons on earth, her association with the famed actor has automatically pushed her to the limelight. Kyla Weber has been able to still maintain a private life despite being a celebrity. However, in our own capacity, we have been able to gather the answers to the most frequently asked questions about her. Kindly, follow us to know more.

Kyla Weber Biography (Age)

Kyla Weber was born on July 1, 1979, in Okotoks, Canada to Ken Weber who happens to be her only known family aside from her husband and children. She has enjoyed the fame that comes with being a celebrity since she got married to Vince Vaughn in 2010 in Lake Forest Illinois, United States, a year and few months after they started dating.

Aside from being a daughter, a wife, and a mother, Kyla is known for her hard work as a real estate agent. A career she has displayed and seem to enjoy even after moving to the United States from her home state in Canada to start a family with the man who has entertained the world through his talents.

Kyla is obviously a beautiful woman who has supported her husband. The proof of this need not be said as the woman has been spotted occasionally with her husband at several occasions and awards.

Facts to Know About Her

Love Life

Kyla started to enjoy the fame that comes with been part of the life of a celebrity when she started dating the popular and multitalented actor, scriptwriter, publisher, and comedian. She got engaged to him and subsequently got married to him in Lake Forest, Illinois in a very low-key avoiding the big eyes of the media. The realtor from Calgary Foothill, Canada was said to have met Vance at a wedding where they were introduced by Vance’s movie producer friend. Several reports have it that Kyla Weber received a 4-carat diamond engagement ring that is worth 125,000 US dollars. However since their wedding was a simple and low key affair, there hasn’t been any known report as to the worth of their wedding.


Kyla Weber
Kyla Weber

The union between the two has been blessed with two kids. 6 months after Kyla and Vaughn became husband and wife, it was all over the media that the two were expecting their first child which happened to be a girl. Few years down the line, the couple welcomed another child at an undisclosed date.

Kylar Weber is still very much a mystery!

Kyla’s growing up was quiet and away from the media since she was neither a celebrity nor was she affiliated to any at that time. Inasmuch as little is known about her childhood, parents, siblings, the school she attended and the men she dated, sources have it that Kyla was a very bright student who had her eyes on the business. She is also said to be a graduate.

Net Worth

Kyla Weber has been a real estate agent for many years and many sources claim that the mother of two has risen up to the level of a manager. Nonetheless, her net worth has remained a mystery even though she displays some of her luxuries on social media. Her husband, on the other hand, who has many sources of income ranging from acting to scriptwriting, producing and real estate like his wife, is said to have a good amount of dollars as his net worth.

Other reports have it that the couple have a net worth of about $50 million dollars while others attribute that figure to be just Vince’s net worth. The family obviously lives in luxury. Kyla alongside her husband and family live in a home they bought for $6.447 million dollars from former US football coach, Lane Kiffin.

Body Measurements

A good looking woman, Kyla does not have so much in terms of height. She is said to be about 5 feet 1 inch tall which is on the lower side when you consider that her husband has a height of 6 feet 5 inches.

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