Kyle Eschen Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Kyle Eschen is a comedian and magician who mesmerizes his audience with hilarious acts and tricks while maintaining character. Comedy and magic enthusiasts may have seen him feature on several popular shows including Penn and Teller: Fool Us, The Magic Castle, Masters of Illusion and America’s Got Talents, among others. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the magician, art lover, writer, and economist.

Kyle Eschen – Biography 

There is no information readily available about Kyle Eschen’s birth date, parents, family background, early life, and elementary education. However, Kyle’s career as an entertainer can be traced back to his childhood days. Eschen became interested in magic tricks after a family friend wowed him with a card trick and refused to disclose the secret to the curious young lad. Kyle apparently later learned the trick and had his first official performance at the age of 10.

Kyle’s academic records show that he studied Economics, with a major in International Development and Behavioural Economics at Stanford University. Interestingly, one of Eschen’s research work in behavioural economics caught the attention of a neuroscience professor in his school. It is, therefore, safe to say that part of Kyle’s studies helped hone his magical skills.

Unlike some of his colleagues who need large props to tickle their audience, Kyle is an awkward magician that performs his hilarious acts mostly with small objects. For instance, Eschen has wowed his audience at different times with tricks such as manipulating cups, balls, and cards to give a surprise reveal.

Kyle’s target audience has mostly been around his residence in the Bay Area. In addition to that, Eschen and his acts have made it to other popular shows like The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles, The World Magic Awards, Masters of Illusion as well as Penn and Teller: Fool Us. Interestingly, Kyle Eschen made it to the twelfth season of the popular reality show, America’s Got Talent performing his magical acts. Though Eschen’s audition was not aired, he apparently impressed the judges and made it through to the next round. At the Judge Cuts round, Kyle used cards and a book for his trick. Unfortunately, he didn’t impress the judges well enough this time around and was thus eliminated from the competition at that stage.

Kyle Eschen on America's Got Talent
Kyle Eschen on America’s Got Talent: image source

In addition to his career as a magician, Kyle is also a writer who owns a personal blog where he posts his illustrative stories and art creations. He has some major projects in the works, including a short story collection as well as a children’s novel titled Olivia the Sea Owl. Kyle Eschen currently works as a data analyst experimenting on behavioural interventions in third world countries.

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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. TEDx Feature

In 2016, Kyle Eschen gave a talk on TEDx Vienna. A lover of art and its various forms of expression, Kyle’s presentation was centred on magic and its psychology. Analyzing human behaviours, he explained how people can possibly be psychologically exploited or deceived with certain cognitive vulnerabilities in an ethical fashion. He made his illustrations clearer by performing two tricks at the conference.

2. Role Models

Though he is not a new name in the entertainment industry, Kyle Eschen has some veteran magicians he looks up to. His inspirations and favorite acts are Penn & Teller, Derren Brown, Dani Da Ortiz, and Jay, among others. A comedy fan as well, Kyle loves a variety of comedians but particularly, his favourite stand-up comedian is Stewart Lee.

3. Hobbies

Kyle is not one of those magicians who are in the act for money or fame. He loves magic and even counts it as one of his hobbies. More so, he is an indoor person and when he is not working, he relaxes through a variety of fun activities such as watching TV, reading good books as well as playing video games.

4. Religion

Kyle Eschen had a Christian upbringing in the Methodist Church faith. However, as an adult, he tends to be more liberal and accepting of Buddhist practices. In fact, the magician credits stoicism for helping him through some of his rough days.

5. Food Preferences

Kyle Eschen is quite selective with food. For instance, he loves to eat light foods such as oats for breakfast. Again, because of the texture of rice husk, he would choose brown rice over white rice any given day.

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