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In the world of today, the rate of divorce and heartbreaks are quite alarming. When it comes to his career Kyrie Irving, the professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics, NBA, has made a stellar record at his game but when it comes to love life, he hasn’t been so lucky despite having been in a lot of relationships and has recently joined the band of celebrities with a baby mama.

In 2016, the basketballer was involved in a Twitter war with the renowned singer Chris Brown over his then-girlfriend, Kehlani. This article is quite an interesting one as it contains a full detailed information about the basketballer’s love life.

Is Kyrie Irving Married or Dating Anyone?

Well, before we indulge in the basketballer’s love life, let’s take a chill pill and meet him briefly. Kyrie Irving was born into an Australian-American home who took delight in the sports games on March 23, 1992, in Melbourne. His dad, Drederick was also an active basketball player and his mom, Elizabeth Irving left planet earth to yonder when Kyrie was just four. Upon his mother’s demise, his father re-married Shetellia Irving who took up the mother role in the later years of his life as he was also raised by his aunts. Kyrie has an older sister named Asia and a half-sister named London.

The professional basketballer is an Australian by birth and an American by naturalization. He relocated alongside his father and older brother to the United States of America when he was just two. His love for basketball started when he was little and he has played the game with so much passion, attaining an immeasurable amount of success as he grew.

That’s a tip of the iceberg on the basketballer’s story, let’s go back to the main gist of the day. Is he married or dating anyone?

Kyrie Irving has not walked down the aisle with anyone yet but we know that he has a truckload of relationships that had failed while one of them produced a baby girl. Recently, he has been linked with two women; Chantel Jeffries and Kaycee K. He has not confirmed any of them which would leave us to no option than to agree that he is currently single.

Who is His Wife or Girlfriend?

Aforementioned earlier, Kyrie Irving has had a lot of relationships. Both relationships that were publicized and those held in secret. His kind of women ranges from stunning models, famous celebrities and the ”wanna be’s”.

Kyrie Irving dated Kehlani Parrish who is an R&B Singer. Their relationship was all smooth and perfect with the basketballer attesting to her as being the special one in his tweets that year. Things became rocky for the two when Kehlani was accused of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend. Kyrie couldn’t handle an unfaithful partner and called it quits. After their split, Kehlani went suicidal and also deleted her Instagram account.

Chris Brown and other celebrities took to their Twitter pages to express their feelings, some went against the basketballer while others consoled the R&B singer, Kehlani.

Gabrielle Lexa

Kyrie’s next affair was with Gabrielle Lexa who was a dancer for the Atlanta Hawks. She caught his attention after he watched her dance in an interview, then the two decided to kick it off in a love boat. No one knows what went wrong between the two but we know they long called it quits.

Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries was the next ”Juliet” in the basketballer’s life. She has been linked to a lot of professional athletes including Kevin Durant, Johnny Manziel and Desean Jackson. We wouldn’t leave out the rumors that also linked her to Justin Beiber. Kyrie and Chantel were seen together on a date and were also said to have gone to the movies together to see the movie, Incredibles 2.

Kyrie-Irving-and Chantel Jeffries

Andrea Wilson

Then, Kyrie started out with his eventual baby mama; Andrea Wilson. Andrea is popularly known as the Texas beauty Queen. The two had it all going smoothly and welcomed their baby girl; Azure Elizabeth in November 2015. Their relationship went down the drain which led to their separation. Kyrie Irving on his part has tried everything within his capacity to be a responsible father to his child and also pays $4,500 for child support.

Hannah Stocking

While Kyrie was in a relationship with Andrea, he started an affair with American vine star and YouTube star, Hannah Stocking. Their affair started during the fall of 2014 but didn’t stay up to a year. A lot of people believe that nemesis caught up with Hannah as she was the reason behind the basketballers’ breakup with Andrea Wilson.

Kaycee K

Currently, news about Kyrie Irving’s recent relationship has been making head wings on the internet. It is said that the basketballer is recently going close to a lady named Kayce K who works as a social media star and as a brand ambassador. The two have not spoken publicly about their relationship but are seen spending a lot of time together. Nonetheless, whether they agree to be in an affair or not now, we can make a sure bet that it is only a matter of time and they will make their relationship official.

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