Laci Kay Somers – Facts About The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods

Laci Kay Somers has a spice for everything! She has not only swayed fans with her curvy physique as a model but also with her talent as an actress with a spellbinding voice. Well, that’s not all, the all-packaged lady is also excelling as a business tycoon. She trades in cosmetics and has her own cosmetic store. While trying to live her life, Laci Kay Somers hit the headlines with her alleged affair with the renowned golfer Tiger Woods, something that plunged her further into the limelight. Here is what you should know.

Laci Kay Somers Biography

Laci Kay Somers joined the population of the earth on the 7th of December 1991. She is an American who was born somewhere in San Francisco Bay, California. She barely talks about her parents but has a younger sister named Stefani Somers. More so, there is a paucity of information regarding her education. However, there are certain claims that Laci Kay Somers is a high school graduate.

Truly, Laci Kay Somer gathered fame with her modeling gigs as a playboy model, however, her alleged involvement with Tiger Woods seems to have bought her some cheese with fame. Kay excelled as a Playboy model, she has appeared in several Playboy magazines as well as GlamRock magazine.

Like most models, Laci Kay Somers has also taken her modeling skills to the social media. She became an internet sensation and boasts over 10 million followers on Instagram, a thousand followers on Twitter and an overwhelming number of likes on Facebook. Her YouTube Channel has several videos of her exercise routines. She also presents herself as a personal trainer and a cosmetic nurse.

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The release of her song, Turn Up automatically made Laci Kay Somers a singer. Music streams like Spotify, iTunes and of course, YouTube, were the mediums, she used in airing her single. Oh yes! Laci Kay Somers has also tried her hands-on acting. She proved her acting prowess in shows like Breeyonce Superhero, Nominated, and What’s in My Pocket?

That’s not all, Laci Kay Somers is also a successful businesswoman who knows how to keep the goose going. She trades on cosmetics and is the owner of the online cosmetic store

Facts About The Playboy Model Linked To Tiger Woods

Her Involvement with Tiger Woods

Laci Kay Somers
Laci Kay Woods and Tiger Woods

With a beautiful physique like hers and probably the fact that she has never revealed her boyfriend might have been one of the reasons that Laci Kay Somers landed into a relationship hoax in the year 2017. As the story goes, the talented lady was supposedly said to be spotted with the renowned golfer, Tiger Woods in a party, the same night he was arrested.

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However, the dating hoax could not hold water as the model publicly went to her Facebook page denying these claims. According to her released statements, she noted that she has never come in contact with the golfer nor have shared private moments with him. She buttresses that she has never done drugs in her life and is also pure of alcohol. Furthermore, she emphasized that the rumor also took a part of her career as she always looked forward to influencing people’s lives not the other way round.

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While Laci Kay Somers was busy denying the Tiger woods relationship claims on her various media pages, she posted a sexy curvy picture of herself stating that she was hotter than an unknown man’s ex and that he shouldn’t doubt her sex capabilities. Well, when these clauses were summed up by naysayers, especially with the fact that Tiger Woods relationship hit the rocks that same period, most people drew conclusions that the two probably had a bad break up after a secret affair.

Apart from her dating hoax with Tiger Woods, Laci Kay Somers is yet to reveal the details of her better half till date.

What is Laci Kaci Somers’ Net Worth?

Beyond reasonable doubts, Laci Kay Somers is quite a hard working lady who would try her hands on every legal means to get cash. From her earnings, she is blessed with a net worth of $200,000.

Body Measurements 

As a model, the lady has maintained a healthy physique; visiting gyms and eating healthy food. She is quite curvy, with all her feminine features in check. While some have tagged it fake beauty, Somers wears her looks proudly. The not so tall lady stands at 1.73 meters and carries a balanced weight of 54 kg.

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