Ladd Drummond
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One of the prominent ranchers in America, Ladd Drummond was born into a well-known ranching family starting from his great-great-great grandfather, Ronald Thacker Drummond who emigrated from Scotland to the United States where he eventually set up the family ranching business which has lasted for over 100 years.

Popularly known as Marlboro Man by many, Ladd has made a name for himself as a co-owner of the most thriving ranches in America. Let’s take a look at the life, earnings and other interesting facts you need to know about the successful businessman.

Ladd Drummond Biography

The successful rancher was born in Nebraska, the United States on 22nd January 1969. His parents are Chuck and Nan Olsen Drummond. He was brought up together with his two brothers, Todd and Tim in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It’s quite sad that Todd, his eldest brother died in a car accident at the age of 18. His family previously settled in the urban area of Oklahoma before they relocated to their family ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma following his father’s completion of his education.

Ladd Drummond was introduced to the ranch lifestyle at a very young age as he was often assigned to work on the ranch. As a result of this, he got familiar with the works carried out on the ranch which includes, driving of trucks, operating of machines and the customary manual labor. With reference to his education, the prominent American businessman graduated from Pawhuska High School and later furthered his education at Arizona State University.

In addition to running a huge ranching business, the Drummond family also has in their possession, a 100-year-old building located in the downtown area of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, which they acquired in 2012. The family, however, moved on to refurbish the old building into a well-known restaurant and retail store called The Mercantile.

Net Worth

As one of the owners of Drummond Land & Cattle Company which was rated in 2013 as the 17th largest land in America, having about 443,000 acres that cover more than 675 square miles, Ladd Drummond has amassed enormous wealth from his thriving ranching business. Being one of the most successful cattle ranchers in America, Ladd is obviously living a luxury lifestyle, thanks to his jaw-dropping net worth of about $200 million.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. About His Drummond Ranch

Ladd runs the Drummond Land & Cattle company together with his father, Chuck Drummond, and brother, Tim. His cousin Thatcher Drummond is also an associate partner of the company. There on the Drummond Ranch, the notable rancher breeds close to 2,500 herds of cattle and horses.

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Ladd Drummond is also a trainer of Quarter horses which participates in horse competitions across America. As a result of his expertise, the Drummond Land & Cattle Company emerged as the winner of the 2011 Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Range Championship. Ladd Drummond was also given an honorary cowboy title of ‘The Tough Hand’ during the same competition.

2. About His Wife

Ladd Drummond
Ladd Drummond with his wife and kids

The co-owner of Drummond Ranch met his wife, Ree Drummond for the first time in a country bar in Oklahoma. After a while, the two started dating and on the 21st of September 1996, they tied the knot. Ladd Drummond’s wife is a renowned American television personality, who works as a blogger, author, food writer, and photographer. She is the founder of ‘The Pioneer Woman‘ blog where she documents their family life at the ranch.

She often describes her husband as the Marlboro Man on her blog. Ree has done well for herself as a blogger, having clinched the Weblog of the Year Award three consecutive times and also been rated as No. 22 on Forbes Top 25 Web Celebrities. She also invented her own television show on The Food Network called, The Pioneer Woman in 2011.

3. Ladd’s forefathers are university graduates 

Ladd Drummond’s great-grandfather is a graduate of Harvard Business School while his grandfather graduated from Stanford University.

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4. His Children

The successful businessman has welcomed four adorable children together with his wife, they are two sons named Bryce and Todd, and two daughters, Alex and Paige. Alex Drummond is an undergraduate of Texas A&M University while Paige attends the University of Arkansas.

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5. He is an ardent sports lover

Ladd Drummond is a huge fan of his alma mater football team, Sun Devils. Surprisingly, his love for the team made him abandon his wedding reception in order to watch a football game between Arizona State University and Nebraska.

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