This Is Everything You Need To Know About Laia Manzanares and Her Major Career Achievements

Laia Manzanares is a brilliant actress who is lighting up the entertainment world with her talent. The Barcelona-born performer was shot to the limelight through her terrific performance in the 2016 Tame Impala’s music video, ‘The Less I Know the Better’. She has played a myriad of roles since she broke into the Spanish film industry in 2016.

Manzanares has starred in many notable acting projects including Merlí, and Le Tierra llamando a Ana, winning many accolades and admirers in the process. No doubt, she is considered one of the fast-rising stars in the film industry who have the potential to go A-list someday.

Laia Manzanares’ Passion For Acting Was Fueled By Uma Thurman’s Portrayal In Kill Bill: Volume 1

The multi-award-winning actress was born as Laia Manzanares Tomàs to her parents on March 30th, 1994 in Barcelona, Spain. She had her basic education at the Institut Public XXV Olimpiada high school and CaixaForum, both located in Barcelona, Spain. Soon after watching Uma Thurman’s commanding portrayal of Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo in the 2003 Quentin Tarantino’s American martial arts film, Kill Bill: Volume 1, the passion for acting was kindled in Laia and she has never looked back since then.

In order to instill the same self-assuredness she got from Uma Thurman’s character in the aforementioned movie, she made up her mind to work with the most vulnerable elementary school students in the future. To make her dreams of becoming an actress a reality, Manzanares honed her acting skills for two years at Col.legi de Teatre de Barcelona, in The Poble Espanyol, Barcelona, Spain.

Apart from her father being a Valencian and her mother, a Catalan, other details of her parents and siblings, if any, are yet unknown. Though believed to have been mostly raised in her hometown, Manzanares apparently had a global exposure while growing up. Besides her native languages of Catalan and Spanish, the actress also speaks French and English fluently which has been helpful in her acting career pursuit.

Her Appearance On Tame Impala’s Music Video Marked The Beginning Of Her Successful Career In Acting

Laia Manzanares’ first acting gig came in 2014 as an uncredited role in Txiki Blasi’s theatrical drama, Malnascuts and Esquerdes performed at Sala Beckett Theatre and Nau Ivanow Theatre respectively. She followed it up by making her on-screen debut appearance by playing the cheerleader and female love interest of a high school basketball player who is beguiled by the gorilla mascot “Trevor” in the 2016 Tame Impala’s sensational psychedelic music video, ‘The Less I Know The Better’.

The music video which became a viral sensation on the group’s Vevo channel garnered many award nominations and projected Manzanares to a global audience. Her extraordinary acting skills which were also evident in the music video, drew the attention of several film producers and directors her way and thus, set her on the path to numerous movie appearances, award wins and recognition.

Following her rise to fame, she contested in the Catalan game show El Gran Dictat (The Great Dictation) in 2016. The show entails several tests which include finding the missing link in a song, matching two images to a word, and finding the wrong word. Even though she didn’t win the ultimate prize, the show helped in increasing her popularity.

The Actress Has An Extensive Acting Credits

Almost immediately after the release of ‘The Less I Know The Better’ music video in 2016, Laia Manzanares debuted on the small screen the same year by scoring the role of Oksana Casanoves in the popular Héctor Lozano romantic-comedy TV series, Merlí. The series is about a high school philosophy teacher, Merlí who teaches students how to think freely through unconventional methods. Manzanares joined the series in the second season as a fresh student from Ukraine who loves to show that she is more knowledgeable in the field of relationship, love, and sex.

Laia Manzanares in Merlí
Laia Manzanares in Merlí (image source)

Her outstanding performance on the show for 27 episodes in just two years (2016-2018) gained her critical acclaim and also established her as a budding star. While working on Merlí, Laia Manzanares also tried her hands on other projects, including the 2016 short film Waste, and Cites. She subsequently had roles in several films and television series which include appearing as Mary in The Girl from the Song (2017), Eva in Proyecto Tiempo (2017), Ruth in Matar al Padre (2018), Lucia in El Reino (2018), and Ana in Le Tierra llamando a Ana (2019).

In addition, Laia Manzanares lent the voice of Clara in eight episodes of the 2018 animation series, Heavies Tendres. Other theater, film, and television series she has been credited with include Amanda T (2019), Hache (2019), Sense Sostre (2019), Estoy Vivo (2019), and Lea (2020).

She Won Many Prestigious Awards With La Tierra llamando a Ana 

In the year 2019, the elegant-looking actress starred as Ana in Fernando Bonelli’s short romantic film, La Tierra llamando a Ana which depicted the love story of Ana and Juan. Her striking portrayal of the character earned her numerous awards in the best actress category. They include Premios Fugaz Festival Award, Ibicine Astarté Award, Festival Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes ABC Audience Award, Cerdanya Film Festival Award, Assurdo Film Festival March Award, Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia Jury Prize Award, and IndieX Film Festival March Award.

What Is Laia Manzanares’ Net Worth?

Laia Manzanares is a relatively new face on the acting scene. While she may not have gotten to the peak of her career yet, her hard work and endeavors in the industry have so far brought her financial rewards. The exact figure of her salary and net worth has not been revealed but Manzanares is believed to have amassed a decent financial portfolio that has afforded her a comfortable lifestyle.

She Is Probably Single

As earlier mentioned, Laia Manzanares is one of those celebrities who love to separate their professional and personal lives, preferring to keep the latter under wraps. Since she came into the limelight, many (especially the male folk) have been curious about the Spanish actress’s love life.

However, following the sex scenes of Manzanares and Albert Baro, her co-star in Tame Impala’s music video, ‘The Less I Know the Better’, the rumors of their romantic relationship started to make rounds in the media. She quickly quelled the speculations by stating that she is just close friends with Baro and that the said music video nudged their careers in the right direction.

Following that, Laia Manzanares has not been romantically linked with any other male or female, thus making her relationship status a bit of a mystery to the public. But going by public records, it is safe to say Laia has never been married and does not have any kids, at least not yet! Manzanares who may perhaps be single and ready to mingle is presumed to be more focused on building her career in the ever-competitive industry. But whether she chooses to keep her personal life public or private, fans hope the beautiful actress finds true love someday in the arms of a special person.

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