Unveiled Truths About Lakshmi Singh’s Ancestry and Journalism Renown 

As the American media industry continues its push for ensuring increased recruitment of people of color, one lady that is at the vanguard of this movement is none other than Lakshmi Singh. A reputable journalist, Singh is rated as one of the renowned media personalities in America having garnered much popularity as the midday newscaster for National Public Radio (NPR).

Aside from her work as a newscaster, Singh has covered a good number of international stories wherein she depicted some brilliant reporting skills. She has also has gone ahead to make notable contributions to several conduit news stations, including Garnett News Service, NPR’s Latino America station, and Voice of America where she has become a voice trusted by millions of fellow Americans.

Lakshmi Singh’s Humble Family Background

Information concerning Lakshmi Singh’s early life, childhood experiences, parents, and siblings’ identities are quite hard to come by but it is known that she was born in the early 70s in Syracuse, New York, USA. Her father, Jim, is of Indo-Trinidadian descent and is originally from the country of Trinidad and Tobago while her mother, Nancy, is a Caucasian who originally hails from Puerto Rico.

Both of Singh’s parents migrated to America in their 20s in order to further their studies and seek better life opportunities. It was while they were undertaking the same course that they met each other and started dating. A few weeks into their relationship, they went down to City Hall and got hitched.

The young couple settled down to family life and welcomed a few kids, one of which is Lakshmi. Even though they didn’t have it easy financially, they taught their children about their different cultures as well as the importance of treating people of all backgrounds with love and respect. They also instilled into Lakshmi and her siblings a strong sense of individuality and taught them not to allow their background to dictate their future.

Her First Foray into Radio Journalism

Emboldened by such an inspiring upbringing, Lakshmi Singh focused on her academics and completed her diploma at a nearby high school. She subsequently attended Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the College of Arts and Sciences. There, she did a triple major in Broadcast Journalism, Spanish, and Latin American Studies and received her degree in 1994.

Singh began her career in journalism at the WAER radio station in New York. Soon after that, she landed a job opportunity with an NPR-affiliated station, KPBX, in Spokane. From there, she moved on to work at other NPR member stations including WMFE in Orlando and WAMU in Washington D.C. During her time at WAMU station, the New York native worked as the host of some local shows. She also executed several reporting jobs for her employers.

Lakshmi Singh
Lakshmi Singh at WGVU

She Has Spent 20 Years with NPR

After six years of exhibiting her outstanding reporting skills and hard work at various local stations, Lakshmi Singh joined the award-winning newscast unit of the National Public Radio station in the year 2000. She initially started out as a midday news broadcaster at the network but has since added field reporting to her repertoire.

In about two decades with the National Public Radio station, Singh has covered a diverse array of topical issues ranging from race, health, immigration, the arts, as well as the infamous sniper shootings in Washington D.C. She has also contributed her wealth of knowledge and expertise to other notable media stations such as Gannet News Service, National Public Radio’s Latino, USA station, PRI, and Voice of America.

All these have helped the Syracuse alum to gain much public recognition, as a result of her unequivocally excellent reporting skills, thereby carving a niche for herself as one of the prominent female journalists in America. Such a flourishing career has, however, not been without its downsides. According to the renowned reporter, one of the most difficult tasks she has faced throughout her career in journalism is covering the touching stories of Haitian women who were struggling to cope with HIV/AIDS whilst their country’s political structure was in shambles.

Some of The Honours That Has Been Bestowed on Lakshmi Singh

Despite such heart-wrenching assignments, Lakshmi Singh continues to bravely push on with her calling and this has fetched her numerous honors. She was among the guests of a WGVU Public Media event held at Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. During the event, Singh had the privilege of sharing her experience in journalism with other guest members and she dwelt extensively on the relevance and significance of the local and national news stations partnership.

Furthermore, in 2017, Singh was selected by her alma mater, Syracuse Newhouse School, to deliver the keynote address at the institution’s convocation ceremony. Speaking to an audience of about a thousand, Singh noted that technology and social media had radically transformed the nature of news delivery and consumption thus making the responsibility of getting facts right even more vital. She, therefore, urged the graduating students to always strive for accurate reporting; ask critical questions and authenticate as well as protect their sources.

Lakshmi Singh
Singh delivering 2017 convocation address at Syracuse Image Source

With all her endeavors and working experience as a journalist, the NPR national midday newscaster is reported to be earning an annual salary which falls within the range of $104,000 to $144,000, with the inclusion of her working incentives of $2,000. Hence, Lakshmi Singh reportedly has an estimated financial value of about $1.3 million.

Her Life Off-Air is Shrouded in Mystery

With regard to her personal life, Lakshmi Singh is among those celebrities who enjoy striking a balance between their professional and personal life. The talented reporter has actually succeeded in keeping any information concerning her personal life and relationships private and away from the media eye. So, it’s still unknown whether she is married or not and if she has previously been in a relationship.

Of course, it is quite possible that Singh must have been in some relationships in the past and may even be in one presently but has voluntarily chosen to keep that aspect of her life all to herself, a decision that is well within her right to make.


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