Nigeria: Sanusi Wants Leaders To Turn A New Leaf; Advocates Selfless Service

The Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, has said that Nigerian leaders have a job to change the notion that leadership is a selfish venture.

The Emir, said this during an award ceremony of Most Security Conscious Governor. 

The winner of the award was Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello.

During the occasion which was organized by the Nigerian Police Force, Sanusi urged all Nigerian leaders to be good models of selfless service and good governance.

“The bane of leadership in Nigeria is that the leaders are selfish; they only think of their families,”

“Those of us who think that public office is a place to enjoy ourselves should think again.”

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With regards to the essence of the award, the Emir recognized that poor governance leaves a fertile ground for poverty and frustration. He says that poverty triggers insecurity in the society.

“Poverty, lack of education is violence; it breeds violence because many segments of the society are denied access to basic amenities,”

Lamido Sanusi indirectly suggested that the people will have a greater respect for the rule of law if they know that the leaders have their interest at heart.

“Once a state cannot provide security, it is not fit to be a state,”

Narrowing his speech back to the winner of the day, Sanusi praised Gov. Bello for the unexpected level of good works in Kogi.

According to him, his service has surpassed the expectation of the people. The Inspector-General of Police (I-G), Mr Ibrahim Idris concurred with the assertion, saying that Kogi was the first state to respond to security measures.

“He was the first to donate vehicles to the Nigeria Police Force since I became the I-G,”

“Kogi State would have been worse than the North-East the way we met it ,”

Gov. Bello appreciated the award and dedicated it to Kogi State citizens and his mother who was kidnapped for over 3 months.

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Lamido Sanusi’s call to leadership re-echoes his plea last month for northerners to invest in girl education. Instead of building more mosques, he urged them to build more schools.

The Emir of Kano made the request on the 3rd international conference on Islamic Banking and Finance on Thursday, January 20.

“I’m just tired of people coming to me to say I want to build a new mosque. You know, we keep building mosques and our daughters are illiterates.”

“So, my appeal is that if you really want to help Kano, don’t come to me with a request to build a N300m mosque because I have enough mosques everywhere… If you really want to help, go and educate a girl child in the village.”

He stated that it was not rocket science that issues of divorce and violence were predominant in the north.

“It is not a mere coincidence that this is where you have the highest levels of illiteracy, early marriage, divorce and the highest levels of domestic violence.”