Lasizwe Dambuza’s Sisters Khanyi and Zonke Influenced His Gay Personality – Inside His Family

Lasizwe Dambuza parents were Lindiwe Dambuza (mother) and Menzi Mcunu (father). Although his father had a lot of children with different women, his only known siblings are Zonke Nkabinde and Khanyi Mbau (half sister). 

Lasizwe Dambuza’s sexuality has piqued the interest of many especially as the South African celebrity has given various reasons as to why he is a homosexual. The socialite who got famous for making videos, caricaturing the behaviors of South Africans, and uploading the same on YouTube previously identified as gay but of late, seems to be in a heterosexual relationship. No doubt, this has left many fans of his asking questions that seek definite answers on what his sexuality truly is and who or what might have influenced it.

The Many Women Around Lasizwe Influenced His Sexuality

Prior to her death in 2016, Lasizwe Dambuza had a very close relationship with his mother, Lindiwe Dambuza. She was a nurse who worked at Lesedi Private Hospital. Lindiwe was in a relationship with a man named Menzi Mcunu which later produced Lasizwe.

His mother was also aware of his queer sexuality, but it took her a while to come around and accept it fully. She did not speak to him for 6 months after finding out about his gay sexuality, but eventually, she came around and got used to the idea of having a gay son.

Dambuza lived with his mother and her house was overflowing with women, he credits this highly feminine environment as being one of the nudges that led to his homosexuality and tendencies to be feminine. he made the discovery at around 15 years of age, realizing he feels more at home with the ladies more than men.

When Dambuza’s mother passed on in 2016, it affected him gravely, especially as he was there at the point of her death. She had a heart condition that was deteriorating by the day and on the day of her death, she collapsed. In an attempt to revive her Lasizwe performed CPR on her, all to no avail. Following her death, he found a second mother in his half-sister Zonke.

Between Lasizwe’s Sisters, Zonke Nkabinde was the First to Learn He’s Gay

Among Lasizwe Dambuza’s sisters, Zonke is the person the media personality has the closest relationship with. A testament to this fact, Zonke was one of the first people to learn that Lasizwe is gay and she did everything within her power to protect him from people who would otherwise hurt him. Just like his sister Khanyi, they do not share the same parents as she is his half-sister. They have the same mother but different fathers.

Zonke does not work in the entertainment sector like Lasizwe and Khanyi but earns a living as a Senior Key Account Manager at Liquid Telecom. But this does not mean she is entirely off the hook as her brother makes sure she has a taste of the spotlight every once in a while. She often makes appearances on Lasizwe’s reality show, but generally leads a quiet life. Even on social media, Zonke maintains a low profile with her Instagram account placed on private mode.

Actress Khanyi Mbau, His Half-Sister Helped Shape His Public Image

Lasizwe Dambuza is not the only person in his immediate family who works in the entertainment circle. This social media personality who was born in 1998 is the youngest known child of his father and his older sister is none other than Khanyi Mbau – a renowned actress, television host, and artist. Among Lasizwe Dambuza’s sisters, Khanyi is the most popular and played the biggest role in shaping his public image.

The two have a good relationship regardless of the fact that they have different mothers and did not necessarily grow up together. It is not clear the influence the actress had on the sexuality of her brother but the siblings have a relationship that is tight, full of respect and love. She is known to make constant appearances on Lasizwe’s show Fake it Till You Make it.

Overall, Khanyi Mbau is a strong pillar of support for Lasizwe Dambuza, especially when it comes to building his media career. They are alike in many ways and that’s apparently why their bond is unique and unbreakable. The two took to social media to mourn their father when he passed on in September 2020.

His Father’s Absence While He Was Growing Up Also Contributed to His Being Gay

Menzi Mcunu, Lasizwe Dambuza’s father is a man with a lot of children, children that he fathered with different women. As a result of this, it was hard for him to carter for his children and give them all the time and attention he rightly should have given them.

His absence notwithstanding, Lasizwe and his half-sister Khanyi loved their father and they seemed to get along well before his passing.

In September of 2020, Mcunu died and he was laid to rest on the 25th of that month. Following his death, Lasizwe took to social media to lament the loss of yet another parent and announced that he was officially an orphan. Khanyi Mbau did the same with each sharing sweet memories of their father.

In the life of Lasizwe Dambuza, his father was not a present force and this is something that has deeply affected the social media star. Dambuza credits his father’s absence in his life as one of the reasons he is gay. According to him, he had no idea how to pee like a man for a long time and only did it as he saw women do until he saw boys peeing in a kid TV program. He is also of the opinion that having his father around at later stages of his life may have helped set him on a path of heterosexuality.

In one episode of Fake it Till You Make it, Lasizwe Dambuza and his sister Khanyi visited a therapist, where they talked about the daddy issues they have because of the limited bonding time they had with their father. This gap in their lives was however filled with the bond and love they shared with each other.

An Insight into Lasizwe Dambuza’s New Heterosexual Relationship

At every turn in his relationship life, the social media influencer and television personality get the media buzzing with reports and rumors on who his present love interest might be. In the past, Lasizwe Dambuza dated men like:

  • Cedric Fourie (an actor and social media star)
  • Wiseman Zitha (reality television star and social media influencer)
  • Marcus (who he claimed bought him a home in Santon)

and perhaps a few other men. However, Lasizwe seems to have had enough of South African men and instead fell in love with a female.

The social media star got his fans into a frenzy mode in late October 2020 after he posted pictures on his Instagram and Twitter accounts of himself carrying a lady with captions suggesting that he’s in love. On Instagram, he captioned the upload “Just US! You and I😍🥺 while on Twitter as can be seen above, he wrote “Love looks great on us!”

As expected, many of his followers asked questions like if he’s no longer gay or if it was a prank, others congratulated him while some expressed their sadness on his apparent betrayal of the gay community. As of this writing, the celeb has not hinted at what is going on in his rumored relationship with the lady, neither has he disclosed her identity. Nevertheless, whatever will become of Lasizwe’s new relationship will be worth the wait.

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