Best Tanzanian Universities 2020 – Latest Rankings

In the past decade, African universities are beginning to take the forefront in terms of improved quality education, showcasing Africa to the World. This means that several universities in Africa have emerged to take their rightful place alongside some of the biggest international universities in the world.

When one critically examines the list of best universities in the world for 2020, about 4 African universities made the top 500 while several others made the top 2000 list. Even though only one Tanzanian University made it to this list, the country as a whole continues to take giant strides in situating themselves within the scheme of things in Africa and the World.

In a bid to improve the quality of education provided at these universities, the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) deregistered nine universities in January 2020. This was after they failed to take the corrective measures aimed at improving the standard of education on their campuses which were suggested to them in 2018.

However, if you are looking to study in Tanzania consider these 10 top universities in Tanzania as compiled by webometrics. It should be noted that some major factors are put into consideration in webometrics’ University ranking and they include the rate of impact, openness, academic excellence, among others.

1. University of Dar Es Salaam

The University of Dar Es Salam was established on the 1st of July 1970. It is the oldest and biggest public university in Tanzania. It offers programs to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University has a staunch record of excellence and has birthed the majority of the universities in Tanzania. The university boasts of a long list of Alumni who are doing well in their various fields. World Rank: 1,930

2. The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) began in 1963 as the Dar Es Salaam medical school. It later transformed into the faculty of medicine for the university before it was upgraded to become a college- the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUCHS) in 1991. The college has over the years made significant achievements in terms of increased student enrollment and also the development of various new academic programs. World Rank: 2, 885

3. Sokoine University of Agriculture

This university started as an Agricultural College in 1965 offering diploma training in Agriculture. It later became the Faculty of Agriculture under the University of Dar Es Salaam in 1970 before becoming a full-fledged university in 1984. The university was named in honor of former Prime Minister of Tanzania – Edward Moringe Sokoine who died in 1984. World Rank: 2, 897

4. University of Dodoma

The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007. According to their website, their mission is to provide comprehensive, gender-sensitive, and quality education to the populace and also increase the contribution of higher education in the country’s attainment of economic growth and reduction of poverty. World Rank: 4,383.

5. Ardhi University

Ardhi University was established through the transformation of the former University College of Lands and Architectural Studies which was part of the University of Dar Es Salaam from July 1996. By 2006, the college had increased the number of academic programs from 6 to 39 ranging from Diploma to Ph.D. It was finally upgraded into a full-fledged university in 2007. World Rank: 4,558.

6. The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (Weill Bugando University College)

The university became operational in 2003 and was accorded full registration status by TCU in 2005. The school’s core business is training health professionals in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, and Medical Laboratory Sciences. Their programs range from Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, and PhDs. World Rank: 5,354

7. Mzumbe University

The university was established in 2007. As a training institute, the university boasts of several decades of experience of training in the administration of justice, public administration, business management, accountancy, finance, good governance, and political science. World Rank: 5,484

8. Open University of Tanzania

The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) is a fully-fledged public university established in 1992. It became operational in 1993. It offers a certificate in Diploma, Degree, and Postgraduate through the open and distance learning system. They employ several means of communication including face-to-face, telecasting, broadcasting, e-learning, and correspondence seminars. World Rank: 5,716

9. Tumaini University Makumira

This university was formerly known as the Lutheran Theological College, Makumira, and was established in 1997. The university describes itself as a Christ-Centred University which focuses on promoting higher education, learning, and research through fact-finding and inquiries without discrimination to any students. World Rank: 5,850

10. Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science & Technology

This institute is one in a network of Pan-African Institutions of Science and Technology located across Sub-Saharan Africa. These institutions are the (brainchild) of the late Nelson Mandela and its mission is to train and develop the next generation of African scientists and engineers to impact profoundly on the continent’s development through the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and innovation. World Rank: 7,424

More Best Universities In Tanzania

11. State University of Zanzibar

World Rank: 8,043

12. Mkwawa University College of Education

World Rank: 8,148

13. Muslim University of Morogoro

World Rank: 11,689

14. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University

World Rank: 11,748

15. College of Business Education

World Rank: 12,666

16. Saint Augustine University of Tanzania

World Rank: 13,531

17. Institute of Finance Management

World Rank: 13,919

18. St. Joseph University in Tanzania

World Rank: 14, 078

19. Institute of Rural Development Planning

World Rank: 14, 238

20. Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology

World Rank: 15,486

21. Saint John’s University of Tanzania

World Rank: 15, 843

22. Moshi Co-operative University

World Rank: 15, 901

23. Kilmanjaro Christian Medical University College

World Rank: 16, 314

24. Institute of Accountancy Arusha

World Rank: 16, 397

25. Sumait University

World Rank: 16, 647

26. International Medical & Technological University

World Rank: 17, 428

27. Arusha Technical College

World Rank: 18, 175

28. Mount Meru University

World Rank: 18, 752

29. Zanzibar University

World Rank: 18, 979

30. Tumaini University Dar Es Salaam College

World Rank: 19, 099

31. Ruaha Catholic University

World Rank: 19, 172

32. Mbeya University of Science & Technology

World Rank: 19, 392

33. Jordan University College

World Rank: 19, 456

34. Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy

World Rank: 19, 460

35. University of Iringa

World Rank: 19, 496

36. Mwenge Catholic University

World Rank: 19, 611

37. Teofilo Kisanji University

World Rank: 19, 778

38. University of Arusha

World Rank: 19, 832

39. Institute of Social Work Dar Es Salaam

World Rank: 19, 923

40. Sebastin Kolowa Memorial University SEKOMU

World Rank: 20, 297

41. College of African Wildlife Management Mweka

World Rank: 20, 928

42. United African University of Tanzania

World Rank: 21, 441

43. Stella Maris Mtwara University College

World Rank: 21, 606

44. Stefano Moshi Memorial University College

World Rank: 22, 154

45. Kampala International University in Tanzania KIUT

World Rank: 22, 204

46. University of Bagamoyo UOB Dar Es Salaam

World Rank: 22, 321

47. St Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences

World Rank: 22, 413

48. Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora

World Rank: 22, 705

49. Josiah Kibira University College

World Rank: 24, 292

50. Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere University of Agriculture and Technology MJNUAT

World Rank: 25, 620

51. Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health

World Rank: 29, 050.

Below is the updated list of Top 50 Best Universities In Africa according to webometrics.

50 Best Universities In Africa – 2020

  1. University of Cape Town (World Rank: 276)
  2. Stellenbosch University (World Rank: 425)
  3. University of the Witwatersrand (World Rank: 433)
  4. University of Pretoria (World Rank: 448)
  5. University of Kwazulu Natal (World Rank: 621)
  6. Cairo University (World Rank: 668)
  7. University of Johannesburg (World Rank: 822)
  8. University of South Africa (World Rank: 937)
  9. University of the Western Cape (World Rank: 944)
  10. Alexandria University (World Rank: 1016)
  11. University of Nairobi (World Rank: 1019)
  12. Makerere University (World Rank: 1083)
  13. North West University (World Rank: 1099)
  14. Rhodes University (World Rank: 1129)
  15. American University in Cairo (World Rank: 1163)
  16. Mansoura University (World Rank: 1228)
  17. University of Ghana (World Rank: 1240)
  18. Université Cadi Ayyad Marrakech (World Rank: 1275 )
  19. University of Ibadan (World Rank: 1322)
  20. University of the Free State (World Rank: 1406)
  21. Addis Ababa University (World Rank: 1422)
  22. Ain Shams University (World Rank: 1430)
  23. Kenyatta University (World Rank: 1675)
  24. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (World Rank: 1676)
  25. Assiut University (World Rank: 1717)
  26. Benha University (World Rank: 1723)
  27. Covenant University Ota (World Rank: 1742)
  28. Zagazig University (World Rank: 1792)
  29. University of Nigeria (World Rank: 1805)
  30. Egerton University (World Rank: 1820)
  31. Université Mohammed V de Rabat (World Rank: 1830)
  32. University of Tanta (World Rank: 1928)
  33. University of Dar Es Salaam (World Rank: 1930)
  34. Université d’Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella (World Rank: 1935)
  35. University of Lagos (World Rank: 1984)
  36. Helwan University (World Rank: 1987)
  37. University of Khartoum (World Rank: 1994)
  38. Tshwane University of Technology (World Rank: 2018)
  39. Al Azhar University (World Rank: 2028)
  40. University of Zimbabwe (World Rank: 2038)
  41. Obafemi Awolowo University (World Rank: 2053)
  42. Nelson Mandela University (World Rank: 2073)
  43. Université des Freres Mentouri Constantine 1 (Ex Université Mentouri (World Rank: 2113)
  44. Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene (World Rank: 2117)
  45. Durban University of Technology (World Rank: 2136)
  1. Moi University (World Rank: 2166)
  2. University of Zambia (World Rank: 2229)
  3. Jimma University (World Rank: 2313)
  4. Cape Peninsula University of Technology (World Rank: 2319)

From this list of Top 50 Universities in Africa, we see that it is only one Tanzania university that made it to the list which is the University of Dar Es Salaam at number 33. As the quality of education continues to soar in the country, we hope there will be more entries from Tanzania in the consequent years.


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