Latest Salaries Of Top Ugandan Politicians Revealed

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa with about 31 million inhabitants to carter for. It is called pearl of Africa and it is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the southwest by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania. Ugandan Politicians are not left out of the trend of high salaries as they earn fat salaries more than every other Government worker. These high pay definitely borders on the taxpayers as some of Government’s revenues are raised through taxation.This only increases our curiosity as to whether this is another case of human right abuse like the one experienced in the past in the hands of Idi Amin, even though present-day Uganda is very much different from the old Uganda under Idi Amin. Here is all there is to know about the latest salaries of top Ugandan politicians.

Policies to improve the distribution of income in Uganda are only real on papers and never seem to stand. You are right to say that Ugandan Government spends on its top Politicians, juggling on its existing resources and on taxpayers. Anyways, in case you have been wanting to know how much it takes Uganda to maintain these Politicians, then scroll down to see the latest salaries of top Ugandan politicians and cost to Uganda:

The Government of Uganda operates with more than 9 Ministers, 327 Members of Parliament, 278 political appointees who include 80 resident District Commissioners and assistants, 75 Presidential Advisers and 43 private Presidential Secretaries and their deputies and many others.

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The pearl of Africa has many administrative units; 45,000 local councils, 5500 parishes, 1026 sub-counties, 151 counties, 18 municipalities and 80 districts. All these structures have 10 man executive officials. Therefore, the total sum of officials is 10 times the number of every administrative unit.

According to reports, the President takes Shs. 3.6 million a year, although this is questionable as people under him who are part of the presidential handlers were reported in 2014 to have been earning  96.6 million per month which totals to an annual sum of Shs 1.152 billion. This caused an uproar among the Members of Parliament. So, if this is the case the President has big white selections in his cupboard. The salary of the Vice President and Prime Ministers are also being provided by the salary act of which nobody can tell if they still stand.

Every Presidential Adviser and his deputy pocket 908.5 million Ugandan shillings, an amount enormous enough to pay 378 primary school teachers a salary of 200,000 Ugandan shillings per month.

Private Presidential Secretary and his assistant pocket 7.5 billion shillings that could be used to sponsor 2,077 primary schools with 800 pupils each, purchase drugs for 890 health centres or hospitals, build 935 classrooms or pay 37,500 primary school teachers.

Members of Parliament altogether earn 57 billion ( Shs 103 million to each MP from taxpayers’ money, to see for their transport, in addition to Shs 2.6m for each MP per month) not mentioning other allowances. Also, the Ministers have all kinds of allowances and only Government expenditure on Minister’s vehicles fuel, oil and maintenance in 2006/07 was up to 92 billion Ugandan shillings. Every MP was granted more than $41,000 in 2013 to buy personal cars and also free ipads which were estimated to cost a total of $370,000.

MP and senior opposition leader Ken Lukyamuzi once told Aljazeera that they earn 15 million shillings as basic salary, which is about $6,100 every month. But, this does not include  the outrageous allowances and perks the MPs get according to a report which includes

Subsistence Allowance – Shs 4.5 million

Constituency Allowance – varies, Mileage @2000ugx/km – Shs 3.8 million

Extra Constituency mileage – Shs 2.5 million

Town running @2000ugx/km – Shs 1 million

Mobilisation for ex- Officio members – Shs 5.4 million

Medical on average – 200,000 ugx

Gratuity – Shs 3.5 million

Note that the amount of the allowances paid was based on a 2011 report of which they might have increased over the years. A 2014 report also mentioned that elected MP’s take home at least Shs 18 million per month for each MP.

However, Ex-officio members of the Government draw a gross monthly salary of 1,550,000 paid by the ministry of Public Service, Shs 2 million per quarter as responsibility allowance and Shs 100,000 every month as airtime allowance. They are also given extra allowances for travelling abroad and for fieldwork.

Due to the salary disparity of Commissioners, one can not say the exact amount the commissioners or their deputies earn. We do know they are high too although some are higher than the others. These high salaries of top Ugandan politicians, without doubt, put a lot of strain on the nations few economic resources.

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